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“Get your girl, Son!” Father’s Day Snippet from “CHARMEINE” in “The Light-Bearer Series” THANK YOU for 7 AWARDS!.

Percival and Carly are wonderful together…


I follow many group discussions on GoodReads, with most of them having to do with good reviews, how to write good reviews, bad reviews and how to word them nicely (when I’m writing a bad review on a book, I always try and find or say something positive about the book). I think it is important to have a wide range of reviews. I know for myself when I am looking for a book to read, I always look at a mixture of reviews. It helps me to get a better understanding of the novel, and it makes it easier for me to decide if I want to read it.


There have been some books I have read based solely on negative reviews because I wanted to see if it was as bad as it was rated (It was). Since I knew of several of the mistakes that were present in the book, I actually had fun reading it. I discovered it actually had a good plot and characters it was the editing that was just not done! I think bad reviews, if they are honest and state reasons why you don’t like certain parts in a book, or the plot, or the characters, are as important as good reviews. I think a range of reviews gives the reader a better understanding of what they are likely to find in the novel.


I think that authors also benefit from both good reviews and bad reviews. I know it is hard for anyone to accept criticism  about anything, I think accepting criticism for artistic work must be even harder. It takes a lot of courage for people to put themselves out in the limelight for everyone to view, and that is what authors do with their work. I think they can  use the criticism and use it constructively to help in their future endeavors or on the one that was given the bad review.


If Amazon is to use the review section the way it was intended, then why would they be removing bad reviews? Of course, I couldn’t look at the reviews as they have been deleted so perhaps there is more to this then what is being said. Perhaps the reviews were just a rant against the author, or perhaps they had bad language. There are many reasons why reviews get deleted, it sure would be interesting to find out!


I have not had any of my own reviews deleted and I do use some harsh criticisms on some of the books I have reviewed. But I do make sure to back up what I am saying with examples from the novel.  And I always make sure to note that my review is about the book, not the author.


Here is the thread from Amazon…check it out and let me know what you think.


Is Amazon removing bad review?



I belong to GoodReads and LibraryThing and a few other sites like these. At GoodReads I belong to with a group of reviewers. We discuss reviews, and books, and authors but usually its discussions about reviews.  Lately there have been a rash of *false* reviews on Amazon and other sites as well. When I first heard about it I was really surprised you know, thinking why would you fake a review? Of course, once I thought about it I understood why. But still, writing fake review.




False or faked reviews affect everyone. From the reader straight on through to the author and the publisher. Readers, myself included, when I am just undecided which book to read, I will look at reviews just to see what people say about it. Many times its been through reviews why I have picked up a book I previously ignored and have ending up loving it. So now when I look, I know myself enough to know that I’m always going to be looking at them with the thought in the back of my head, ‘is this a real review’. Thankfully through Goodreads I have found a number of honest reviewers who I trust. Something to think about when you are deciding on a book, if there is not a single bad review, something’s wrong because not everyone is going to like the same thing. Its like this book


Against All Enemies Against All Enemies  by Tom Clancy, Peter Telep




I didn’t like this book at all. But a friend of mine loved it. We’ve had several discussions about it, no name calling lol, but we both really like all Tom Clancy’s other work especially this one

Patriot Games Patriot Games by Tom Clancy



I write reviews because I like to share how I feel about the books I read. Some I love, some are okay, some I hate. I write reviews to help others decided if they want to read a book, and I try to not give away to much of the story, but I do like putting in puns, little jokes which if you read the book you’ll understand. Things like that.




I also know that many, many books are sent out to reviewers whom are never heard from again. That really bothers me. To me writing reviews is a part-time job, and I set aside a little time everyday, so that when I’m finished reading the book, I have all the notes I need. As well, I request books in exchange for my review, so I review it. I think some people just see it as free books and nothing else. I see it as getting a chance to read new authors, new books and help other people decide if the book is the right fit for them. If you’re not going to review the book, don’t ask for one.




I recently read and then wrote a review for this book. I couldn’t believe all these positive, glowing reviews, I finally found 2 others that didn’t like it and the reviews didn’t sound at all like the story the 3 of us read. Turns out the reviews were all faked  and now the book has been removed from amazon. And I think that its great that amazon is doing that. I’m not mentioning names as I am not sure of what the outcome will be.




So here are a couple of tips if you’re worried about reading reviews.

Find a reviewer or reviewers you trust, stick with them

Check multiple sites like GoodReads, LibraryThing, Shelfari, Amazon

On indie books, read a few pages (you can do that on many of the above sites) to see if you like the writing style



I love to read on all sorts of different topics and genres. I read whatever looks appealing at the time. If I am asked to read and review a book, I try not to read anything about the book, except for what is written on the back cover or the inside flyleaf. I like to wait until I’m finished reading the book to see what others have to say. I want my review to be an honest reflection of what I feel, not what the majority of people are saying. I also never, never review a book that I haven’t finished reading. I have tried many times to finish this book over the years but just can’t. I would never write a review about it either as I have never finished it.


And Ladies of the Club



I don’t think that would be right because the book might have a different ending then I thought, a character could change or a plot twist. So as I said I just don’t think its appropriate to review a book that you haven’t finished.



When I do write a review, I try to back up what I am saying with what has happened in the book, without giving away too much of the story (which can be really difficult). But when I read someone’s review I don’t want to see “This book is terrific, 5 stars” with no reasons why it deserves 5 stars. And the same is true of a 1 star review. Saying “this writer can’t write” just doesn’t do it for me. I want to know why you think the writer can’t write.

I read a book recently called



Have a Nice Weekend

Have a Nice Weekend by Ian Ellis




and 1/4 of the way through, I stopped to read the reviews of other people. The reason I did this, was the book wasn’t reading the way the back cover was saying it would. I was surprised by all the glowing ratings, I will admit, and I checked to make sure that I was reading the same book that all these glowing reviews came from. I was! I went back to the book, hoping it would begin to draw my interest or that a character would become sympathetic or anything positive, but I didn’t find that. I finished reading the book and published my review, which I gave 1 star to. I really, really dislike having to do that, but I found nothing that made me like this book at all. But I didn’t write the review to be hurtful, just to say what I thought of the book. I also hated



The Tommyknockers

The Tommyknockers by Stephen King



I did finally finish it a few years after I originally started it. I thought the premise was good, some of his characters where okay, but the book just dragged on and on and didn’t go anywhere for hundreds of pages. But I’ve talked to others who absolutely love this book and say that Stephen King nailed the characters so well.



I’m not a writer, except for my reviews and my blog that is. But I would think that what you don’t want is for people NOT to talk about your book. If they’re talking, more people are going to pick it up to read it, just to see what all the talk is about. It would bother me more if no one talked about my book, or read my book, or gave me feedback. That is a great way to improve your skills, not just in writing, but in many areas.



I write reviews to try to help other people decide if a book might be the right fit for them, not to take shots at the author or to others that have a different opinion then me. When I finish a book, I love to read all the reviews, good and bad. Its helped me a few times to gain a new perspective on a novel which is great. If you ever come across a review (mine or someone else’s) that you disagree with and want to leave a comment, please be respectful.

Have a Nice Weekend

Have a Nice Weekend by Ian Ellis



So as I do when I read a book that I am going to review, I only read the blurb that is on the back cover. I don’t want my review to be influenced by what others have written. The blurb says “is less the story of two hearts breaking as of time running out…. It is the sound of marital negotiations breaking down.
Women will read this book and think, “Exactly! I only want to be noticed, to be loved, to be considered …. It doesn’t take much …..”
Men will read this and go, “God, I’ve done that! How many times has she done that to me?”

A quarter of the way through the book, I was just numb. My brain didn’t want to read anymore because it was all just mindless “He put his pants on. He went downstairs. He ate toast but he wanted eggs…blah, blah, blah…

And that  was actually the better parts of the book til then. Not a single character did I met that I felt any interest in, or liking for. Everyone of them is a miserable, complaining jerk (and those are like the nicest things I can think of to say).

I managed somehow, to slog my way through to the end of this book and let me tell you, I could have stopped anytime, and I would not have missed anything worthwhile.

Will, the so-called protagonist in this book, had nothing going for him. No ambition, no initiative, no humor, no self-awareness, actually the only thing, seriously the only thing I found somewhat okay about him was that he liked the album Steely Dan The Royal Scam. Will is just plain dull and boring and not worth reading about. And as for the book blurb? Will is much to apathetic to care one way or the other what his wife did or didn’t do.

Lets go on to his wife Abi. She makes me embarrassed to be female. Always nagging, always harping, always trying to change her husband, nothing ever good enough for her, and the list goes on. I couldn’t even say there was an album that she liked, because I truly think she just hates everyone, everything and is completely selfish (like Will) The blurb suggests that she feels she only wants to be loved, noticed, blah, blah…being a bitch, who cares only about herself is really gonna get her noticed and loved, probably with a baseball bat to the back of the head.

Mr. Patel, resident racist who also complains about everyone and everything; Andy, just as lazy and useless as Will, Will’s 2 children? His brother and sister? All awful people! The list could go on, but there is no point in that all are the same!

Even the ending was a waste of time. After reading about how useless, aimless and apathetic Will has been his entire life, I’m supposed to care or believe that suddenly, boom he changed? Get real!

Imagine them my surprise when after I read this piece of drivel that it has an overall rating of like 4 stars…that’s right 4 stars on GoodReads and the same on LibraryThing!!! I couldn’t believe it! I read the other reviews, like 8, and they all went on and on about what a wonderful book it was. I actually double checked 3 sites to make sure the book I read was the same one that people were calling a masterpiece. Then I came upon a 1 star review. The reviewer went through the exact same feelings and disbelief I did when she read other peoples reviews.

I can only say in closing that this was one of the worst books I have read, with not a sympathetic character is sight, nor a plot line that goes farther than he wore clean over dirty jeans. YEAH!!! But my biggest, absolutely biggest problem, was that so many people gave this book such glowing reviews. All I can suggest is if you like to be bored, read this book, if you think all people are jerks, read this book, and last, if you’re like me, I finished reading this book to see if any of the reviewers actually found some redeeming something in this book. I did not.

I really, really dislike not being able to say anything good (other than he liked Steely Dan) about a character, I dislike even more not finding something positive to say about the book, but I just can’t. It’s all perception I guess, but I somehow don’t think if you read this book, if you’re honest, you will find anything positive about it either. Sorry Mr. Ellis, I really tried to like your book but just not possible.

I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award

Special thank you goes out Emily Guido, author of thelightbearernovelist for nominating me.

Seven Things About Myself

1.)  I am married to a wonderful man and together we have 5 terrific children ranging in age from 29 to 16. My family is so incredibly important to me.

2.)  I read everyday. I always have a book, usually 2 or 3, at a time. I love to do reviews on the books and share my reviews with others.

3.)  I am a dog lover!  I have had a dog in my life since I was 5. My dog Simon is a mini dachshund and is my husband’s first experience with being a dog owner. Simon is quite the character, and is almost as stubborn as I.

4.) I love to read debut authors to get a sense of their style and skills.

5.)  When I review books, if I think the book is terrible, I will not bash everything about it. I will write down what I dislike, but always try to counter with something positive.  I always remember that the authors put so much effort and love into what they write, and even if I don’t care for a book, the next person may love it, and I wouldn’t want someone to pass up on a book simply on my say so.

6.)  I love to write and my blog is my way of doing so.

7.)  I don’t belong to any reading groups as I like to read what I want, when I want. I’ve tried over the years but as soon as I’m told what book to read, I no longer want to read it.  I just really don’t like to be told what to read.

I am nominating these 15 bloggers

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3.) Lady Romp, a blogger for the Empowerment of Women. Great site with very positive, helpful links and comments.


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5.)  Trevor Nagler blogs about movies. Great site with his view on movies you should see before you die.


6.) This is a group of six who blog about books, events and their reviews. Great site with lots of information

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Inside the mind of a fantasy writer

Here are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:

VBA Rules

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  •  Thank the person who gave you this award.

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The Pallor of Death and Other Stories by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne

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Jill and Ben’s walk into the dark forest in search of a glowing ghost ends up being more than they expected.

Laura, Charlie and Melanie have a supernatural experience in the old mansion that Melanie just bought.

A 911 call has Officers Simmons and Tyler heading to 799 Norfolk Lane. Will they find Betty and her brother or is someone or something else using the telephone?

Holly’s friend Dina has Halloween costume issues but luckily gets help from a crazy source.

The new designer drug Dead Ice has everyone acting buggy.

We all know how waiting in a line up at a department store gives you that dead zombie feeling but Merton Mart guarantees their customers’ satisfaction with a killer product.

When the stomach rumbles from hunger, its in everyone’s best interest to feed it.

In order to win the campus costume contest at Halloween, Haley and Angela are dressed as a zombie gangster and his zombie moll, but with Chad and Devon dressed to impress as werewolves, you have to ask yourself where exactly did the guys get their fur?

Evangeline is tired but decides a little seduction is in order before the game with Percy is over.

Kevin and Jon have grown tired of Lois‘ games and insist that she finally chose which of them she will marry. But who is really the winner?

Well written short stories with great characters. My favorite of these 10 short stories would be Drama.

visit Amanda Lawrence Auverigne website  http://auverigne.com/

I love to read any genre of book.My favorites would be mystery, thrillers and suspense novels however some days my favorites could be humor, romance and westerns. It all depends on my mood.

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