Have a Nice Weekend

Have a Nice Weekend by Ian Ellis



So as I do when I read a book that I am going to review, I only read the blurb that is on the back cover. I don’t want my review to be influenced by what others have written. The blurb says “is less the story of two hearts breaking as of time running out…. It is the sound of marital negotiations breaking down.
Women will read this book and think, “Exactly! I only want to be noticed, to be loved, to be considered …. It doesn’t take much …..”
Men will read this and go, “God, I’ve done that! How many times has she done that to me?”

A quarter of the way through the book, I was just numb. My brain didn’t want to read anymore because it was all just mindless “He put his pants on. He went downstairs. He ate toast but he wanted eggs…blah, blah, blah…

And that  was actually the better parts of the book til then. Not a single character did I met that I felt any interest in, or liking for. Everyone of them is a miserable, complaining jerk (and those are like the nicest things I can think of to say).

I managed somehow, to slog my way through to the end of this book and let me tell you, I could have stopped anytime, and I would not have missed anything worthwhile.

Will, the so-called protagonist in this book, had nothing going for him. No ambition, no initiative, no humor, no self-awareness, actually the only thing, seriously the only thing I found somewhat okay about him was that he liked the album Steely Dan The Royal Scam. Will is just plain dull and boring and not worth reading about. And as for the book blurb? Will is much to apathetic to care one way or the other what his wife did or didn’t do.

Lets go on to his wife Abi. She makes me embarrassed to be female. Always nagging, always harping, always trying to change her husband, nothing ever good enough for her, and the list goes on. I couldn’t even say there was an album that she liked, because I truly think she just hates everyone, everything and is completely selfish (like Will) The blurb suggests that she feels she only wants to be loved, noticed, blah, blah…being a bitch, who cares only about herself is really gonna get her noticed and loved, probably with a baseball bat to the back of the head.

Mr. Patel, resident racist who also complains about everyone and everything; Andy, just as lazy and useless as Will, Will’s 2 children? His brother and sister? All awful people! The list could go on, but there is no point in that all are the same!

Even the ending was a waste of time. After reading about how useless, aimless and apathetic Will has been his entire life, I’m supposed to care or believe that suddenly, boom he changed? Get real!

Imagine them my surprise when after I read this piece of drivel that it has an overall rating of like 4 stars…that’s right 4 stars on GoodReads and the same on LibraryThing!!! I couldn’t believe it! I read the other reviews, like 8, and they all went on and on about what a wonderful book it was. I actually double checked 3 sites to make sure the book I read was the same one that people were calling a masterpiece. Then I came upon a 1 star review. The reviewer went through the exact same feelings and disbelief I did when she read other peoples reviews.

I can only say in closing that this was one of the worst books I have read, with not a sympathetic character is sight, nor a plot line that goes farther than he wore clean over dirty jeans. YEAH!!! But my biggest, absolutely biggest problem, was that so many people gave this book such glowing reviews. All I can suggest is if you like to be bored, read this book, if you think all people are jerks, read this book, and last, if you’re like me, I finished reading this book to see if any of the reviewers actually found some redeeming something in this book. I did not.

I really, really dislike not being able to say anything good (other than he liked Steely Dan) about a character, I dislike even more not finding something positive to say about the book, but I just can’t. It’s all perception I guess, but I somehow don’t think if you read this book, if you’re honest, you will find anything positive about it either. Sorry Mr. Ellis, I really tried to like your book but just not possible.