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“Get your girl, Son!” Father’s Day Snippet from “CHARMEINE” in “The Light-Bearer Series” THANK YOU for 7 AWARDS!.

Percival and Carly are wonderful together…


The Beautiful Mystery

The Beautiful Mystery: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel

The Beautiful Mystery: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel



Can you hear that? The pure, clear beloved sound fills his ears, enters his mouth and starts to move through his body. He’s at peace now, all worries gone, nothing matters to him but the music of the plainchant. Nothing!


When Frere Mathieu was found murdered the case was assigned to Chief Inspector Gamache and Inspector Jean-Guy Beauvoir. Theirs is a relationship that has been forged through time and gun battles. Beauvoir would lay his life down for the chief but still Beauvoir can’t tell the chief everything and he’s getting more and more concerned the Chief will find out.


Traveling by float plane then into a small fishing boat, Gamache and Beauvoir get farther and farther away for civilization, with no real idea of where they are.


Opening the door at the monastery doesn’t happen, but today it did. Dom Philippe, the abbot has reported that one of his monks has been murdered. Now its up to Gamache and Beauvoir  to figure this out before it hits the media because these aren’t just any monks. These ones are already famous and just want to be left alone. But the mystery is only the top layer, its what s below that’s going to break this case.


A lot of work and research went into this book. The information was passed on to us the readers in such a way that it felt like a story, not a history lesson. The characters felt like real people because they all had good and little bad in them.  And the mystery will keep you guessing as it quietly glides through the twisting, musty halls and rooms of the old monastery


Before I received this ARC, I have to admit I had never read anything by Louise Penny. I don’t even have a reason as I do love a good mystery. But I am so happy that I received this one! I really enjoyed this. I would definitely recommend it.


The Beautiful Mystery is just what it says it is The Beautiful Mystery!



I received this ARC through GoodReads and was asked for my honest review

To all the mom’s, grandmas, great…you get the picture  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!



I hope you all have a wonderful day, doing whatever if you like to do. If you get some private time and would like to read can I suggest for a light action, romantic comedy, check out



The Stephanie Plum Novels (Stephanie Plum, #3-5)

The Stephanie Plum Novels by Janet Evanovich



They all have some good humor, some romance and some actions, a great light read for mom’s day.



If you are more interested in a good mystery novel from an up and comer (this is his 2nd book) try out


Two Graves

Two Graves by D.A. Graystone



The Police in Kesle are tracking a serial killer. Each murder is more brutal, more unhinged and more bloody that the ones before. Will they get their man before he gets another victim?



And if you’re looking for the most touching YA or teen book I have read in a while try out



The Trouble With Half a Moon

The Trouble With Half a Moon by Danette Vigilante



Want a good cry for the right reasons? Try this one out. This is Danette Vigilante’s debut YA novel but it is an amazing read for anyone!



And of course if you’re a horror fan, how can you go wrong with a good old Stephen King



The Stand

The Stand by Stephen King,



(though not the Tommyknockers…lol)





Have a Nice Weekend

Have a Nice Weekend by Ian Ellis



So as I do when I read a book that I am going to review, I only read the blurb that is on the back cover. I don’t want my review to be influenced by what others have written. The blurb says “is less the story of two hearts breaking as of time running out…. It is the sound of marital negotiations breaking down.
Women will read this book and think, “Exactly! I only want to be noticed, to be loved, to be considered …. It doesn’t take much …..”
Men will read this and go, “God, I’ve done that! How many times has she done that to me?”

A quarter of the way through the book, I was just numb. My brain didn’t want to read anymore because it was all just mindless “He put his pants on. He went downstairs. He ate toast but he wanted eggs…blah, blah, blah…

And that  was actually the better parts of the book til then. Not a single character did I met that I felt any interest in, or liking for. Everyone of them is a miserable, complaining jerk (and those are like the nicest things I can think of to say).

I managed somehow, to slog my way through to the end of this book and let me tell you, I could have stopped anytime, and I would not have missed anything worthwhile.

Will, the so-called protagonist in this book, had nothing going for him. No ambition, no initiative, no humor, no self-awareness, actually the only thing, seriously the only thing I found somewhat okay about him was that he liked the album Steely Dan The Royal Scam. Will is just plain dull and boring and not worth reading about. And as for the book blurb? Will is much to apathetic to care one way or the other what his wife did or didn’t do.

Lets go on to his wife Abi. She makes me embarrassed to be female. Always nagging, always harping, always trying to change her husband, nothing ever good enough for her, and the list goes on. I couldn’t even say there was an album that she liked, because I truly think she just hates everyone, everything and is completely selfish (like Will) The blurb suggests that she feels she only wants to be loved, noticed, blah, blah…being a bitch, who cares only about herself is really gonna get her noticed and loved, probably with a baseball bat to the back of the head.

Mr. Patel, resident racist who also complains about everyone and everything; Andy, just as lazy and useless as Will, Will’s 2 children? His brother and sister? All awful people! The list could go on, but there is no point in that all are the same!

Even the ending was a waste of time. After reading about how useless, aimless and apathetic Will has been his entire life, I’m supposed to care or believe that suddenly, boom he changed? Get real!

Imagine them my surprise when after I read this piece of drivel that it has an overall rating of like 4 stars…that’s right 4 stars on GoodReads and the same on LibraryThing!!! I couldn’t believe it! I read the other reviews, like 8, and they all went on and on about what a wonderful book it was. I actually double checked 3 sites to make sure the book I read was the same one that people were calling a masterpiece. Then I came upon a 1 star review. The reviewer went through the exact same feelings and disbelief I did when she read other peoples reviews.

I can only say in closing that this was one of the worst books I have read, with not a sympathetic character is sight, nor a plot line that goes farther than he wore clean over dirty jeans. YEAH!!! But my biggest, absolutely biggest problem, was that so many people gave this book such glowing reviews. All I can suggest is if you like to be bored, read this book, if you think all people are jerks, read this book, and last, if you’re like me, I finished reading this book to see if any of the reviewers actually found some redeeming something in this book. I did not.

I really, really dislike not being able to say anything good (other than he liked Steely Dan) about a character, I dislike even more not finding something positive to say about the book, but I just can’t. It’s all perception I guess, but I somehow don’t think if you read this book, if you’re honest, you will find anything positive about it either. Sorry Mr. Ellis, I really tried to like your book but just not possible.

So I was cruising around some different blog sites this morning, most of which were about books and films (I know big surprise right?).  Anyways I noticed that some people use the word mystery to describe a certain book, other sites use thriller for the same book and still others use the word suspense.  And it got me thinking that I there are times that I’ve decided to read a book because it will be described as a mystery but while there is some suspense in the story, there is no real mystery. And its the same with suspense and thrillers, it’s listed as a thriller but while there is loads of suspense, there is nothing that says to me thriller.  So I actually looked those 3 words up on an online dictionary o see if the words are really as interchangeable as they seem to be. Here’s what I found.

MYSTERY:   A work of fiction, a drama, or a film dealing with a puzzling crime.

SUSPENSE:   Anxiety or apprehension resulting from an uncertain, undecided, or mysterious situation.

THRILLER:  (Performing Arts / Theater) a book, film, play, etc., depicting crime, mystery, or espionage in an atmosphere of excitement and suspense

So after looking the words up and seeing that they are fairly interchangeable, it still bothers me.

I guess because to me a mystery should be like a who-done-it, with several characters to choose from, that keeps you guessing from beginning to end, like Agatha Christie’s The Mystery Affair at Styles


a suspense is one that you are not really sure what the end result will be but it fills you with a sense of unease and excitement as you wait to find out; like Mary Higgins Clark‘s Silent Night


and a thriller is one that is non stop action, a thrill ride so to speak, until the end like James Patterson‘s Kiss the Girls



I know I have the definitions right here in front of me, but it still seems a bit confusing. If you have a different take on these words, or a better way of describing them, please let me know.

The Trouble With Half a Moon  by  Danette Vigilante

I don’t normally read or review middle grade or teen novels.  But I decided to take a chance on this one because the synopsis intrigued me.  I picked it up around 10 o’clock at night. I was only going to read the first chapter just to get an idea of the books flow and characters.  Next thing I know its 230 in the morning and I’m sitting with the book in one hand, wiping away tears with the other. An incredibly touching book, with real insight into what a young girl of 13 feels about life, love, friendship and the death of her young brother.

We first meet Delilah, Dellie to her friends, one late evening as the sound of gun shot wakes up Dellie and her parents. They live in an apartment building in the poorer side of town and everyone knows you don’t go out at night. They live on an upper floor and the shot was somewhere on the first floor. When her dad leaves the apartment to see what he can find out about the shot, Dellie and her mom are left alone, very afraid. Dellie’s dad comes back saying everything is okay, and the small family go back to bed, still fearful, none of them sleeping, all of them thinking of Louis, Dellie’s little brother who died just months ago.

Corey is a 5-year-old boy who lives with his abusive mother on the first floor of the building. Corey is always hungry and several people in the building sneak him food, including Dellie. She is afraid her parents will find out and put a stop to it. She’s also afraid if they see Louis they will become upset because he is so very like Louis.

Dellie and her friend Kayla walk to school together in the mornings, but because of her parents fears, Dellie’s father walks several feet behind them until they arrive at the school.  Dellis is 13 and while she misses her brother very much, she still wants to be like her friends, able to go outside and play, to walk by herself to school, and to go to the store.  But due to the trauma her parents suffered with the loss of Louis, they will not let her out of their sight. They fear the only way to keep her safe is to keep her close and in sight at all times.  Her friend Kayla one day stops talking to her and won’t tell her whats wrong. Dellie’s life is spiraling down, and then Michael, a boy in her school talks to her and a new neighbor, Miss Shirley, moves into the building.

This is the story of a young girl, her guilt over her brother’s death and the part she played in it, the difficulties of friendship, first romance and over-protective parents.

And while this might sound like a depressing read let me assure you it is not!  The author weaves an incredible story that is filled with hope, love and personal redemption. It is truly remarkable how the author knows a teenager‘s thinking and thoughts so well.

This novel is perfect reading for young, middle grade to teen readers as well as adults who like a well told, though simply worded book.

The Pallor of Death and Other Stories by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne

An enthralling collection of 10 short stories featuring zombies, ghosts, werewolves, gore, blood and more!

Jill and Ben’s walk into the dark forest in search of a glowing ghost ends up being more than they expected.

Laura, Charlie and Melanie have a supernatural experience in the old mansion that Melanie just bought.

A 911 call has Officers Simmons and Tyler heading to 799 Norfolk Lane. Will they find Betty and her brother or is someone or something else using the telephone?

Holly’s friend Dina has Halloween costume issues but luckily gets help from a crazy source.

The new designer drug Dead Ice has everyone acting buggy.

We all know how waiting in a line up at a department store gives you that dead zombie feeling but Merton Mart guarantees their customers’ satisfaction with a killer product.

When the stomach rumbles from hunger, its in everyone’s best interest to feed it.

In order to win the campus costume contest at Halloween, Haley and Angela are dressed as a zombie gangster and his zombie moll, but with Chad and Devon dressed to impress as werewolves, you have to ask yourself where exactly did the guys get their fur?

Evangeline is tired but decides a little seduction is in order before the game with Percy is over.

Kevin and Jon have grown tired of Lois‘ games and insist that she finally chose which of them she will marry. But who is really the winner?

Well written short stories with great characters. My favorite of these 10 short stories would be Drama.

visit Amanda Lawrence Auverigne website  http://auverigne.com/

Weekly Poll

Every week, on Tuesday, I will have a new poll to share. Most will be about novels, fiction vs non fiction, authors, with some surprise polls on topics related to books, such as movies, writing difficulties etc. Please leave a comment explaining your answering.

If you have a suggestion on a poll you would like to see please let me know and I will do my best to get it in the following week.

Anything You Want  by  Erin Nicholas

This is the first book in Erin Nicholas’ new Anything and Everything series.

Sabrina Cassidy has spent her life making wrong decisions.

Growing up in the small town of Justice she always wanted more than she thought the town had to offer. Leaving behind everyone she knows to seek a music career, 4 years have passed quickly. No nearer now to singing on a stage in Nashville and reeling from one of the worst decisions in her life, she decides that going back to Justice is the right and only choice she has. Her best friend Luke, who loved her and wanted her to stay in Justice and marry him, never got over her, or so Luke’s business partner and friend, Marc, believes. When Sabrina’s car breaks down and with only $19.36 to her name, she calls the only person she knows will help her, Luke. Only its not Luke whom she talks to but Marc. Her surprise is total when Marc arrives instead of Luke. Marc believes he is saving his best friend, Luke, from Sabrina. Sabrina fights an immediate attraction to Marc. Marc is willing to send her anywhere she wants to go and pay for expenses as long as its not in Justice but Sabrina is determined to go home.

Will Marc convince her to stay away? Will Sabrina convince Marc she’s not the selfish bitch he thinks her to be? Will they manage to fight the attraction they feel towards each other? And what of Luke? And what of Kay, Sabrina’s friend in Justice who knows of Sabrina’s reason for coming home?

Those questions and the artful and at times surprising way they are answered will keep you turning the pages of this book til the end. This is a terrific stand alone book and at the same time a wonderful beginning to the story of these terrific characters!

I always have a tough time answering that question. For me it all depends on my mood. Some days I want to read a good mystery novel, other days I want nothing more than to relax with a glass of wine and a romance novel and still other times, usually late at night, I want s scare your socks off horror novel.  If I have to pick though it would be a twisty, turny who done it mystery.

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