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The Pallor of Death and Other Stories by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne

An enthralling collection of 10 short stories featuring zombies, ghosts, werewolves, gore, blood and more!

Jill and Ben’s walk into the dark forest in search of a glowing ghost ends up being more than they expected.

Laura, Charlie and Melanie have a supernatural experience in the old mansion that Melanie just bought.

A 911 call has Officers Simmons and Tyler heading to 799 Norfolk Lane. Will they find Betty and her brother or is someone or something else using the telephone?

Holly’s friend Dina has Halloween costume issues but luckily gets help from a crazy source.

The new designer drug Dead Ice has everyone acting buggy.

We all know how waiting in a line up at a department store gives you that dead zombie feeling but Merton Mart guarantees their customers’ satisfaction with a killer product.

When the stomach rumbles from hunger, its in everyone’s best interest to feed it.

In order to win the campus costume contest at Halloween, Haley and Angela are dressed as a zombie gangster and his zombie moll, but with Chad and Devon dressed to impress as werewolves, you have to ask yourself where exactly did the guys get their fur?

Evangeline is tired but decides a little seduction is in order before the game with Percy is over.

Kevin and Jon have grown tired of Lois‘ games and insist that she finally chose which of them she will marry. But who is really the winner?

Well written short stories with great characters. My favorite of these 10 short stories would be Drama.

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Dead as Dutch  by  Rich Docherty

Stan Heberling, director/writer/cameraman, has 48 hours to complete the filming of his thesis movie entitled Letter 13. Perceived as a know-it-all with delusions of grandeur at Eisenhower College, he has had a near impossible time getting the people he needs to complete his movie. Bryce Fowler, whiner extraordinaire, and Keisha Crenshaw, a true performer, are hired to costar. Unable to book a student with even basic camera skills, Stan had to beg his 15-year-old sister to give up her weekend to help him with his film. After  a late night visit from Stan that promises to go on indefinitely, Irv agrees to be sound-man for the movie. Now though, Irving Liberty Bell, sound-man guru of Eisenhower College, wonders just what he’s gotten himself into.

After a series of humorous misfortunes, Letter 13 takes off in a new direction. After Bryce stumbles upon a chest partially buried in the side of a hill, the movie goes from alien flick to buried treasure film.

The direction however is not the one the film crew has been hoping for. Wandering aimlessly  in the woods at night, a creepy old shack with stay out signs and rotting furniture in the walk up to the front door, Munyon, Dutch Schultz and vengeful zombies are just a few of the new problems that befall the cast and crew of the Letter 13 movie.

Go along for the ride as this crazy group of characters tries to get this short film, with an ever-changing story line, shot in one weekend.


A humorous, at times horror book with a great cast of characters that would definitely be found on a film set, it has a quick fluid flow to it. Made me chuckle a few times. I had a few issues with the editing, but not the storyline or the characters themselves.

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