The Beautiful Mystery: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel

The Beautiful Mystery: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel



Can you hear that? The pure, clear beloved sound fills his ears, enters his mouth and starts to move through his body. He’s at peace now, all worries gone, nothing matters to him but the music of the plainchant. Nothing!


When Frere Mathieu was found murdered the case was assigned to Chief Inspector Gamache and Inspector Jean-Guy Beauvoir. Theirs is a relationship that has been forged through time and gun battles. Beauvoir would lay his life down for the chief but still Beauvoir can’t tell the chief everything and he’s getting more and more concerned the Chief will find out.


Traveling by float plane then into a small fishing boat, Gamache and Beauvoir get farther and farther away for civilization, with no real idea of where they are.


Opening the door at the monastery doesn’t happen, but today it did. Dom Philippe, the abbot has reported that one of his monks has been murdered. Now its up to Gamache and Beauvoir  to figure this out before it hits the media because these aren’t just any monks. These ones are already famous and just want to be left alone. But the mystery is only the top layer, its what s below that’s going to break this case.


A lot of work and research went into this book. The information was passed on to us the readers in such a way that it felt like a story, not a history lesson. The characters felt like real people because they all had good and little bad in them.  And the mystery will keep you guessing as it quietly glides through the twisting, musty halls and rooms of the old monastery


Before I received this ARC, I have to admit I had never read anything by Louise Penny. I don’t even have a reason as I do love a good mystery. But I am so happy that I received this one! I really enjoyed this. I would definitely recommend it.


The Beautiful Mystery is just what it says it is The Beautiful Mystery!



I received this ARC through GoodReads and was asked for my honest review