Anything You Want  by  Erin Nicholas

This is the first book in Erin Nicholas’ new Anything and Everything series.

Sabrina Cassidy has spent her life making wrong decisions.

Growing up in the small town of Justice she always wanted more than she thought the town had to offer. Leaving behind everyone she knows to seek a music career, 4 years have passed quickly. No nearer now to singing on a stage in Nashville and reeling from one of the worst decisions in her life, she decides that going back to Justice is the right and only choice she has. Her best friend Luke, who loved her and wanted her to stay in Justice and marry him, never got over her, or so Luke’s business partner and friend, Marc, believes. When Sabrina’s car breaks down and with only $19.36 to her name, she calls the only person she knows will help her, Luke. Only its not Luke whom she talks to but Marc. Her surprise is total when Marc arrives instead of Luke. Marc believes he is saving his best friend, Luke, from Sabrina. Sabrina fights an immediate attraction to Marc. Marc is willing to send her anywhere she wants to go and pay for expenses as long as its not in Justice but Sabrina is determined to go home.

Will Marc convince her to stay away? Will Sabrina convince Marc she’s not the selfish bitch he thinks her to be? Will they manage to fight the attraction they feel towards each other? And what of Luke? And what of Kay, Sabrina’s friend in Justice who knows of Sabrina’s reason for coming home?

Those questions and the artful and at times surprising way they are answered will keep you turning the pages of this book til the end. This is a terrific stand alone book and at the same time a wonderful beginning to the story of these terrific characters!