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What the Heck, Dec?!













What the Heck, Dec?! by Elizabeth Dudak



Martina Karnawski, red haired and freckled, is quite tall and she carries most of her weight around the boob and hip areas. She’s a week away from graduating with her teaching degree and needs a job badly. She applies for a position at Noteah North Middle School as a grade 6 teacher. The school is reputed to be the Beverly Hills of Illinois and the teacher turnover rate is ‘higher then a coaching position with the Chicago Cubs.’ But they pay very well and Marti needs to start paying off her bills.

Waiting at the school office for her interview she meets the two Dawns, two gossipy women employees at the school. They show little interest in Marti until a very gorgeous man comes. Declan Reed is late for his appointment, he was once a teacher but is now a social worker and is here for a job interview. After a few embarrassing moments with him and the two Dawns, Marti and Declan say  good luck to each other and head off for their individual meetings.

Marti is nervous, this is her first professional interview. She is shocked, but very happy to accept the job offer at the end of her interview.

On her first day at her new school, she sees Declan again. He’s been hired too. She also meets the very handsome gym teacher, Josh York who seems very interested in her. After a series of humorous events, Marti makes a decision about the men that will change her life. If its the right decision, as she keeps telling herself, why then is she constantly thinking of the other man? And why does she keep thinking that there is something more going on then what she knows about.

This is a great chick lit read. A very humorous, strong female lead character with loads of personality and 2 gorgeous men, both smart but with different attributes, both interested in Marti. Good romantic flavor throughout. The story is set at a posh school and is filled with quite the collection of people, including the two Dawns, Harper and Esther. A smooth story line that leads up to some  surprising revelations.



I received my copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

The 5 Greatest Spankings of All Time

The 5 Greatest Spankings of All Time by Rob Wood

This is a small book with big impact. A look back in time to the 1950’s through the eyes of a now grown man. As a child Rob grew up living on a 365 acre ranch with his mom and dad, Betty and Bullethead, and his 2 younger brothers, Randy and Rich. At that time it was not uncommon for children to get a ‘lickin’ when they had misbehaved. Kids then didn’t have video games and didn’t watch hours of television. They actually went outside and played, usually games that were made up on the spot or based on some concept like cowboys and Indians.

Out on the ranch Rob, Randy and youngest brother Rich, were always up for a new experience. The trouble was that most of those experiences that they had lead to a group ‘lickin’ administered by their father. He believed in the group punishment idea, as did most parents in those days, and had the 3 rules, known as Bullethead’s Rules, written down and posted throughout the house.

This book tells the story of the 3 boys who had great ideas, very little fear (Randy wanted to be a daredevil when he grew up) and what happens when the great ideas the boys come up with and then implement take a slightly or sometimes greatly wrong turn.

Now for some people they’ll say that ‘Oh, that’s horrible, spanking the children!’ and say that they should have been removed from the home. But that was not the way it was then. And I know that for myself (I was born slightly later, in the 60’s) I never considered it child abuse, it was what happened when you got caught doing something that although was fun, was definitely wrong.

This book has brought back some great memories of my own childhood. My 2 older brothers (they were both born in the 50’s, several years before my sister and I) took it as their sacred duty to teach my sister and I some fine things like “How to blow up mom’s cabbage plants with a nail and a ladyfinger firecracker (or for a better slaw, 2 ladyfingers). Yes we got punished, each of us got a lickin, and we all had to go out and scrub the neighbor’s garage because the smell of rotting cabbage was pretty rank. But boy we sure had fun!

I loved how Rob Wood has taken his childhood memories and shared them with us. The story is told very clearly and with a lot of humor. He brings you right back there with he and his brothers, once with his cousin Larry, his parents and his grandparents. A humorous, well written quick read that is well worth the time to read.

I received my copy from the author and my review was unsolicited

Two Sisters: prattle tales of playful girls by Laura Wright LaRoche




10 little stories starring two little girls, 6 year old Addy and her younger sister, 4 year old Izzy. The girls have very different styles, Izzy always wears dresses and Addy’s favorite color is green. They do have one thing in common, they love to torment each other.



In each of the stories entitled Butterfly, Sticks, School Day, Mushroom Hunting, Her Party, Fishing, Garden, Zoo, Rainy Day,  and Vacation, Addy and Izzy are together (except School Day when Addy is at her first day of grade 1 and Rainy Day where Izzy is at home with her mom while Addy is at school) and each wants things her own way and will do whatever it takes to get her way even if it means tattling, hitting, crying or lying.



The stories are well written and at times, humorous and the descriptions of the girls is very well done.  However I don’t necessarily see the girls as playful. To me they’re spoiled brats that say and do whatever they like while their mother is absolutely oblivious. If my children were young, I’m not sure if I would want them to read this book, they had enough of their own bad ideas.



I won this book through GoodReads giveaway and my review was unsolicited.

I am not much of a movie watcher (although I will admit to having a weakness for those really, really bad B-movies from the late 40’s into the early 70’s, especially if they have creatures or aliens…you get the picture) I do however love episodic books.


Explosive Eighteen is the 18th (actually if you include the 4 between-the-numbers books its 22) Stephanie Plum novel. It follows the exploits of a well intentioned, though fairly inept female bounty hunter in Trenton, New Jersey.




Explosive Eighteen (Stephanie Plum, #18) View a preview of this book online

Explosive Eighteen (Stephanie Plum #18) by Janet Evanovich




As she tries to bring in skips (people who make bail using her cousin’s bail bond service and then fail to appear at the scheduled court date) there are some amusing situations that can and do arise. With Lulu, her coworker, usually by her side (or on their backsides as the case may be) they cruise around Trenton dating, fighting, shopping and trace skipping. Who are the jokers who show up at her door? Are they for real or is this someone’s idea of a practical joke? Vinnie’s a weasel, Joyce is a bitch but who are the rats? And oh, what, oh what, is Stephanie going to do about Ranger and Morelli?


Now here is my dilemma. As a book in the Stephanie Plum series, I was disappointed. It was at times romantic, humorous, mysterious and yet so, so just a repeat of previous books. There was no real character development over previous books, no new action scenes that hadn’t previously been used (though with other names or species), and no real new romantic developments either. As a book in the series, I rate it a 3.


Now if I take away the ‘book in a series’ aspect, I liked it quite a bit more. The characters are crazy and funny, the situations are sometimes tense, sometimes romantic and again sometimes puzzling, but again it reads better if you take away the series aspect. If I were to rate it as a stand alone book, discarding the previous novels in the series, I would rate it a 4.


So overall if you’re looking for a light, romance with some slapstick comedy and action scenes this would be a good book to read. I do know that this an unusual way to review a book but those are my thoghts. I have enjoyed the Stephanie Plum books just a little less each time. I would have loved some, heck any, growth by the characters. I do adore Lula. I don’t care that she was once a whore as they say , she is a great comedic relief. I just wish her character would develop more as well.

Stiletto Safari  by  Kate Metz


Zara Hamilton has a life many only dream of.  An Aussie girl, she lives in New York and works as a lawyer for Harvey and Rose, one of New York’s premier law firms. Her boyfriend, Nick Hansen, is a handsome, wealthy, good-looking man whom she adores.  She shops on 5th Avenue, wearing gorgeous cashmere Ralph Lauren dresses, carries Jimmy Choo totes, and wears Prada sunglasses. With her best friends Emi and Sal, at her side to take yoga classes, hash out a bad day and have brunch every weekend, Zara’s life is almost picture perfect. Then one day it all comes crashing down!

In one fell swoop, Zara goes from happily thinking of her future with Nick, in a job she’s good at, in a city she loves, with expensive clothes she covets, and best friends who love her to an unemployed (temporarily they tell her) lawyer, with a boyfriend arrested for insider trading who isn’t answering her calls, and crying for 2 weeks over The Bold and the Beautiful reruns. Could life get any worse?

Emi decides that Zara needs to get away, perhaps do some volunteer work involving animals or people, preferably far away, Africa would be good. Severely depressed, with her job in limbo for 6 months, and her boyfriend dumping her for her “own good”, Zara decides that doing volunteer work in Africa would be just the right thing for her. She can get a beautiful tan, take care of cute and cuddly baby lions, and heal from her wounds. If only she could fit all the clothes and accessories she will need in the one mid size suitcase she’s allowed.

With her ego still severely bruised by the treatment of the firm she works for, and Nick’s rejection, not to mention the brutally insulting way Nick’s father treated her, she is woefully unprepared to deal with life as a volunteer in Namibia.

In the end it came down to a choice between my snake-skin stilettos, a travel guide to Namibia, or a $100 penalty for excess luggage.  Needless to say, the travel guide didn’t make the flight.  Namibia would have to remain a mystery for a bit longer.  You just never know when a pair of snake-skin stilettos will come in handy!

Meeting handsome Hamish, she can’t believe how incredibly rude he is to her. She overhears him calling her a bimbo, which on top of everything else that has happened to her just seems to be the icing on the cake. When he approaches her to apologize, she blows him off, never dreaming that he will show up later in a most embarrassing way. Getting to the volunteer camp she finds out that she’s the new teacher and even worse, she’s the new dorm monitor for 60 little girls!

With her beautiful snake-skin stilettos, her Prada sunglasses, her over the top expensive silk dresses and horror of germs and dirt, she’ll just have to dig down deep to make this volunteer experience work.

Kate Metz’s debut novel Stiletto Safari, is filled with humor, fashion, friendships and self-realization. At times the wording was a little stiff, which had a small impact on the flow of the story. But overall a great chick lit book for anyone who likes a humorous, well told story reminiscent of a Beth Harbison novel.

Dead as Dutch  by  Rich Docherty

Stan Heberling, director/writer/cameraman, has 48 hours to complete the filming of his thesis movie entitled Letter 13. Perceived as a know-it-all with delusions of grandeur at Eisenhower College, he has had a near impossible time getting the people he needs to complete his movie. Bryce Fowler, whiner extraordinaire, and Keisha Crenshaw, a true performer, are hired to costar. Unable to book a student with even basic camera skills, Stan had to beg his 15-year-old sister to give up her weekend to help him with his film. After  a late night visit from Stan that promises to go on indefinitely, Irv agrees to be sound-man for the movie. Now though, Irving Liberty Bell, sound-man guru of Eisenhower College, wonders just what he’s gotten himself into.

After a series of humorous misfortunes, Letter 13 takes off in a new direction. After Bryce stumbles upon a chest partially buried in the side of a hill, the movie goes from alien flick to buried treasure film.

The direction however is not the one the film crew has been hoping for. Wandering aimlessly  in the woods at night, a creepy old shack with stay out signs and rotting furniture in the walk up to the front door, Munyon, Dutch Schultz and vengeful zombies are just a few of the new problems that befall the cast and crew of the Letter 13 movie.

Go along for the ride as this crazy group of characters tries to get this short film, with an ever-changing story line, shot in one weekend.


A humorous, at times horror book with a great cast of characters that would definitely be found on a film set, it has a quick fluid flow to it. Made me chuckle a few times. I had a few issues with the editing, but not the storyline or the characters themselves.

Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb  by  M.J.A. Ware

A humorous tale of friendship complicated by growing up, zombie invasion and lemonade.

This YA story relates the story of Nate and Misty, best friends who have grown up together, and what happens to them after they decide to go camping one night, without permission from their respective parents.  Returning home, knowing they are going to be in big trouble, they find that almost everyone in their town has vanished. When they meet up with Mayor Frank, things go from bad to worse.

This book has a good mixture of gore (not too explicit), zombies, friendship and humor which will appeal to the YA reader.

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