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The Colors of Malent: Book One View a preview of this book online

The Colors of Malent: Book One (The Colors of Malent #1)

by Tim Adams and  Sam Inzerillo




Alara is a 14 year old girl, almost 15, who has the normal trials and tribulations of teens everywhere. Alara’s best friend Madison or Mads as Alara calls her, is already a pro shopper with tons of attitude. Alara’s new boyfriend  Alex is a good looking jock who really seems to like her but doesn’t always understand her. Her freaky teenaged next door neighbor Freddy, incredibly smart but socially awkward, suddenly starts talking to her.



Alara’s busy and tension filled life is further complicated by the strange dreams that have haunted her since she can remember. Dreams that are getting weirder and weirder. They take her to another time and place where she enters the minds and bodies of the people she comes across.



Slowly she realizes that she can control the thoughts and actions of these people and she believes these people and places are real and are from a place called Malent. The bigger problem though is that these dreams are starting to come when she is awake too. And if  all this isn’t enough to deal with, she has just found out something about herself that shocks her to the core!



As Alara tries to discover who the strange people in her dreams are and where Malent is, she is also trying to discover something about herself. Her questions bring her into contact with new people who could be friends or enemies. Things seem to be constantly changing and it leaves Alara wondering who she exactly she can trust.



The ending will leave you holding your breath, impatient for the next book to continue with this very intriguing story!



I really enjoyed this novel. The twists and turns keep you flipping the pages, faster and faster, as you try to see what will happen next.



The characters in Alara’s life are very believable. Her parents are typical parents, with her dad being the loud disciplinarian and her mom understanding the problems of being a teenaged girl. Her friends are very real. The situations are what many teens go through.



The people from Malent, the alternate world of Alara’s,  are reminiscent of the our world but from many centuries ago. The strange, scary animals that inhabit the lands are definitely not of our world and are incredibly imaginative.



The way the story switches between our world and Malent is extremely well done. I really look forward to the next book in this YA fantasy series.


Strike: The Hero From The Sky

Strike: The Hero From The Sky by  Charlie Wood



Tobin Lloyd is a 17 year old practical joker, who thinks not of how to save our country, but how to keep out of trouble for his latest practical joke. His buddies, Jennifer Robins and Chad Fernandes, have had his back for years but its senior year, time to look to the future, think about being an adult. But Tobin’s still far too busy having fun to worry about what lies ahead, except for maybe being a game show host, that’d be cool.

Imagine then waking up in an alien land, on an alien planet, with alien buddies AND if that’s not enough for you, being told of alien super heroes and alien super villains.

How can Tobin and his friends, both old and new, cope with all the changes. And just what is so important about Tobin that makes everyone want him on their side?

A great action, fantasy, YA romp with overtures of super heroes and super villains. I would love to see this as a graphic novel!



This to me is more of an older child or teen book, however as I am not sure what level of violence you deem acceptable for your children, I would consider looking the book over first. I believe there is worse on regular television, but as I said, there is violence. Good moral story, good teen roll models.



I received this through a LibraryThing Giveaway

Notes to Self Notes to Self  by  Avery Sawyer


This novel brought back an extremely difficult period that happened in my son’s life. When my son was around 12, he had an accident at the skateboard park. His head struck the ground so hard it literally cracked his helmet in two pieces. He was hospitalized overnight, and for several weeks after he had moments of extreme disorientation. It was so hard on him, and his family and friends. This YA contemporary novel will help to make the confusion and suffering a traumatic brain injury causes easier to understand.



This is an amazingly moving and realistic story of the challenges a girl faces in her life after a horrific traumatic brain injury.

When 15-year-old Robin Saunders and her best friend Emily climb the Sling Shot ride at Fun Towne one night because as Emily says “you were supposed to go a little crazy once in a while; its practically our duty”, the unbelievable happens. From several stories up, in the middle of that dark, cold night, Emily and Robin fall.

Robin wakes up, confused, in horrible pain and unable to remember anything after Emily and her had looked up at the ride. She has problems understanding what is being said to her, trouble remembering the right words to use and no ideas on how to do basic things like showering. But even more painful and troubling is that Emily won’t wake up.

Robin just wants Emily to wake up but first she must find her way in a mind-boggling new world and a new life without her best friend to help her.



A contemporary young adult fiction novel that I would recommend to anyone. The story was well plotted, well paced and very believable. The characters are not written as perfect people, but as real people, with real flaws. Each chapter was headed with either a word, Gravity, or a sentence, We’re here to help you freak out, that described perfectly what was in the chapter. It gave the story a touch of teenage humor and sarcasm that isn’t always there in other YA novels.



I received my copy through LibraryThing and my review was unsolicited.

She Speaks to Angels (AngelFire Chronicles, #1)


Allison Maney is in English class thinking about the guy she had a crush on, Dameon. She had finally gotten up the nerve to say hi.  Making an entrance to the class that everyone noticed, including the teacher, she is called upon to read aloud. As she finishes, the class is absolutely silent. She looks up to see something drop outside past the window. Its Tommy Bachelor, and he’s surely dead. Looking out at the lump on the ground, with the widening red pool, Allison is shocked as is the rest of the class. School is let out for the rest of the week and Allison and her friends, Molly and Jennifer, decide they need to look into Tommy’s death. Tommy’s not the first to die at their school, in fact he is the 5th teen to commit suicide in 7 years at the school, the 6th death if you count the girl who was found in the park. Something is just not right.

The 3 girls get a hold of some papers and a kindle reader belonging to Tommy. His kindle has books and pictures of Angels and his papers are also full of drawings of angels. What could this mean? And why did Allison see an angel in her window? And whats with the strange fog that seems to be following the girls.

The girls go for coffee at their favorite spot to talk about Tommy and to figure out what they should do. Kian, Krysta and the silent Nathaniel are sitting at the table the girls usually occupy. They’re new transfers to the school, not yet starting when Tommy dies. Why then do they seem to know so much about him?

Allison comes to the realization that angels exist and are living in her city. She’s shocked when she finds out that not just angels but demons as well reside in New York. She also learns that due to her probing into Tommy’s death she has caused a shift, a lessening of power to both demons and angels, and now the demons want her dead.

But who is angel and who is demon and will the demons succeed in murdering Allison?

An interesting story, with a good grasp of teenage feelings, fears and desires. At times the story lacked continuity in flow but still a good read, one that the YA group would very much enjoy. This is book 1 of the series and I look forward to reading more of the story.

I recieved this copy through LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.

The Trouble With Half a Moon  by  Danette Vigilante

I don’t normally read or review middle grade or teen novels.  But I decided to take a chance on this one because the synopsis intrigued me.  I picked it up around 10 o’clock at night. I was only going to read the first chapter just to get an idea of the books flow and characters.  Next thing I know its 230 in the morning and I’m sitting with the book in one hand, wiping away tears with the other. An incredibly touching book, with real insight into what a young girl of 13 feels about life, love, friendship and the death of her young brother.

We first meet Delilah, Dellie to her friends, one late evening as the sound of gun shot wakes up Dellie and her parents. They live in an apartment building in the poorer side of town and everyone knows you don’t go out at night. They live on an upper floor and the shot was somewhere on the first floor. When her dad leaves the apartment to see what he can find out about the shot, Dellie and her mom are left alone, very afraid. Dellie’s dad comes back saying everything is okay, and the small family go back to bed, still fearful, none of them sleeping, all of them thinking of Louis, Dellie’s little brother who died just months ago.

Corey is a 5-year-old boy who lives with his abusive mother on the first floor of the building. Corey is always hungry and several people in the building sneak him food, including Dellie. She is afraid her parents will find out and put a stop to it. She’s also afraid if they see Louis they will become upset because he is so very like Louis.

Dellie and her friend Kayla walk to school together in the mornings, but because of her parents fears, Dellie’s father walks several feet behind them until they arrive at the school.  Dellis is 13 and while she misses her brother very much, she still wants to be like her friends, able to go outside and play, to walk by herself to school, and to go to the store.  But due to the trauma her parents suffered with the loss of Louis, they will not let her out of their sight. They fear the only way to keep her safe is to keep her close and in sight at all times.  Her friend Kayla one day stops talking to her and won’t tell her whats wrong. Dellie’s life is spiraling down, and then Michael, a boy in her school talks to her and a new neighbor, Miss Shirley, moves into the building.

This is the story of a young girl, her guilt over her brother’s death and the part she played in it, the difficulties of friendship, first romance and over-protective parents.

And while this might sound like a depressing read let me assure you it is not!  The author weaves an incredible story that is filled with hope, love and personal redemption. It is truly remarkable how the author knows a teenager‘s thinking and thoughts so well.

This novel is perfect reading for young, middle grade to teen readers as well as adults who like a well told, though simply worded book.

Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb  by  M.J.A. Ware

A humorous tale of friendship complicated by growing up, zombie invasion and lemonade.

This YA story relates the story of Nate and Misty, best friends who have grown up together, and what happens to them after they decide to go camping one night, without permission from their respective parents.  Returning home, knowing they are going to be in big trouble, they find that almost everyone in their town has vanished. When they meet up with Mayor Frank, things go from bad to worse.

This book has a good mixture of gore (not too explicit), zombies, friendship and humor which will appeal to the YA reader.

The Chrysalis Chronicles – The Eyes of the Desert Sand Book 1  by Edwin Wolfe  (YA)
From the opening pages where we are first introduced to 13 year old Ethan Fox and his beloved parents, George and Betsy, through the winding pathways that guide us through the start of Ethan’s story, to the closing lines where we must say a fond farewell to all the characters we’ve met thus far, I have had a wonderful time!

This is the start of Ethan’s strange but exciting story. The only child of George and Betsy Fox, he has a very close relationship with them. His only problem, and it’s something he seldom thinks about, is that he has no memory of anything before his 8th birthday. His parents have told him an accident caused his memory loss. With no reason to think anything is not as it should be, Ethan doesn’t let his lack of memory interfere with anything. He and his parents are very close, spend a lot of time together and really enjoy being together. Ethan has a great life and great parents and no worries about the future, or his missing past.

Ethan’s problems begin when he suddenly starts having difficulty sleeping. For several days, this persists. One morning, after finally falling asleep, Ethan awakens to discover a poem that he has written. He knows he has written it as it has his secret mark, but he has no memory of writing it.  When he shows his father, George is dismissive of it. Ethan accepts what his father says, but later Ethan hears his parents argue about it, which worries him as his parents NEVER argue. He then sees his father with a very old book, which he is putting away in a secret spot that Ethan knows nothing of.  At a family event Ethan has a very strange run-in with 3 men, he actually thinks they’re vampires and that they were trying to kidnap him. While his parents dismiss his story, he thinks that they actually believe him.

A week later, on a family day at the beach, Ethan meets Haley, a young girl who also has no memories, and while his parents are busy, Ethan and Haley wander off down the beach. Ethan spots a 3 foot tall blue rabbit that Haley can’t see, and they follow it. The bunny disappears and Ethan and Haley discover sand stairs that disappear down into the ground. Ethan starts down, and that’s when the fun really begins!

EXCERPT chapter 2 – The hooded stranger looked towards the floor as he made his way across the room.  Raising his head as he neared, the stranger slowly lowered his hood revealing his face. And it nearly sent Ethan into shock! He knew this face!It was that face! It was him, the man who had tried to kidnap him that night – nearly a week ago!

Throughout this extremely entertaining story, Ethan  meets some remarkably diverse characters. From the blue taletaddler who says xo-xo, to the shape shifting sea hydromorphs, from the Grumplings to the grim-tailed dread, the characters are different, interesting and colorful.
This was such an interesting read, I had difficulty putting it down, even for just a short time. It had a great storyline, the story flowed very smoothly and I loved the characters. I look forward eagerly for the next book in the series.


For more information and preview chapters of the  Chrysalis Chronicles visit the website at

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