I love to read, review and discuss the novels that I have read.  I read all genres but if I had to choose only one it would have to be mystery/suspense thrillers.  Discovering a new author or a new series of books makes me feel like I have hit the jackpot!


If I agree to read and review a book, it is with the understanding that I will read the entire book and then give it my honest review. Do not ask me to read your work if you are not prepared for criticism. If I agree to read and review your book, we will set a date by which time I will have the review ready. I will post the review on my blog, GoodReads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


In the near future I will be hosting author guest blogs as well as author interviews. In addition, I will be offering book giveaway/contests. I will announce upcoming interviews, guest blogs and giveaway/contests on site here as well as on Twitter and GoodReads.


Just a little personal information for you: I am married to a wonderful man, am mother of 5, yes I said 5, children ranging in age from 29 to 16. I have a pet dog Simon who is terribly spoiled, and besides reading, I love to garden (our deck has over 25 containers filled with herbs and flowers) and watch those really, really bad B movies from the late 1940’s through the early 1970’s.


I appreciate all feedback, comments and followers.


If you have a recommendation for a book or a review that you would like posted please contact me or leave a comment.