I am a member of GoodReads, one of the places where I receive several of my books that I review. It’s a great site, lots of discussions on various subjects, groups to join and giveaways to enter (these are just a few of the great features of GoodReads, and other sites like LibraryThing (yes, I’m a member there too). One of the groups I joined focuses on banned books. It covers all the aspects of banned books, from when and where they were banned, what year, why they were proposed for banning and the eventual outcome.



Its surprises me to find out some of the books banned. I think one of my biggest surprises was to find this one

On the Banks of Plum Creek

On the Banks of Plum Creek (Little House #4)


1997—Two parents in the Fort Garry School Division in Winnipeg complained about this
book. The title is part of the renowned series that inspired the TV series Little House on
the Prairie.
Objection—The classic children’s book, based on tales of the settlers in the American
West, was said to contain several references offensive to aboriginals. But school
superintendent Henry Izatt said: “Stories like this are an important part of our history on
this continent. Simply eradicating them from shelves does not seem to be the answer.”
Update—A committee of teachers, parents, and other members of the community
prepared to examine the complaint and report back to the administration, but in the
meantime the complaint was withdrawn.



(I found this online at Canadian Banned Books, 1997)



Now I do understand that aboriginals or native Americans, or whatever the correct term is right now, (and I mean no disrespect when I say that) could be upset because of how a few references were stated but quite frankly I really don’t understand why. The Little House books have always been and will probably always be my favorite children’s series. I never as a child (or as an adult reading aloud to my children), found anything offensive about them. But why would you propose to ban this book and not Little House on the Prairie which had many more negative comments regarding native Americans?



And then there’s

The Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger



Now I never liked this book, but not because I found it offensive and worthy of being banned but because I just thought the novel sucked. I found it hard to read because I just thought it was badly written.



And there are of course thousands of other books that have been banned or been proposed to be banned over the years. I personally think that if you think a book is offensive to you, don’t read it. If you think its inappropriate for your children, don’t let them read it (oh and BTW, when you tell a child not to read a book, follow through, be the parent, don’t let them read the book!).



You know what I mean…if you don’t like blood, gore and death why would you read a horror book? If you don’t wish to read about sexual encounters, steer clear of erotica (oh and why is it do you think that people make a big deal about erotica and yet romance novels, which usually have at least 1 explicitly written sex scene are okay) You get the picture.



I just really have a problem with other adults trying to tell me what I can read, or watch on television and….you get the picture.



I don’t believe any book should be banned! Oh and one final thought on this, for all the nice people out there that jump on the ban that book bandwagon without even reading the book in question…REALLY???