The Lost City of the Condor

The Lost City of the Condor by Vickie Britton  & Loretta Jackson



Arla Vaughn is an assistant Dean at the Chicago University. At the end of the month, she is to join her friend Lance Hayden, head of the archaeology department at the university, in Peru. She hasn’t been able to reach him for a few weeks and is growing more concerned as each day passes. When she is called to Chicago Memorial Hospital by Ted Langston, a man she has never met and who has been hit by an unknown driver, her concern turns to dread.  She is given a deathbed commission by this man, entrusted with information that is imperative to Lance, if she can find him alive.

Traveling to Peru early, she is waylaid and kidnapped by thugs who want the information she has. She is rescued and left at the police station, but she doesn’t know who she can trust. The situation gets red-hot as more people enter the picture. Arla has to trust someone but is she trusting the right person?

From the start, the book drew me in. An interesting locale, a feisty smart heroine and a good mystery story that keeps you guessing until the end are some of the highlights.

I didn’t like that Arla, who is supposedly a smart woman, would trust some of the people that she did. With what was happening in the story, that didn’t make sense to me.

I did love the diversity of characters, the Peruvian locale and the knowledge of Peruvian culture and people who were an integral part of the story.