I belong to GoodReads and LibraryThing and a few other sites like these. At GoodReads I belong to with a group of reviewers. We discuss reviews, and books, and authors but usually its discussions about reviews.  Lately there have been a rash of *false* reviews on Amazon and other sites as well. When I first heard about it I was really surprised you know, thinking why would you fake a review? Of course, once I thought about it I understood why. But still, writing fake review.




False or faked reviews affect everyone. From the reader straight on through to the author and the publisher. Readers, myself included, when I am just undecided which book to read, I will look at reviews just to see what people say about it. Many times its been through reviews why I have picked up a book I previously ignored and have ending up loving it. So now when I look, I know myself enough to know that I’m always going to be looking at them with the thought in the back of my head, ‘is this a real review’. Thankfully through Goodreads I have found a number of honest reviewers who I trust. Something to think about when you are deciding on a book, if there is not a single bad review, something’s wrong because not everyone is going to like the same thing. Its like this book


Against All Enemies Against All Enemies  by Tom Clancy, Peter Telep




I didn’t like this book at all. But a friend of mine loved it. We’ve had several discussions about it, no name calling lol, but we both really like all Tom Clancy’s other work especially this one

Patriot Games Patriot Games by Tom Clancy



I write reviews because I like to share how I feel about the books I read. Some I love, some are okay, some I hate. I write reviews to help others decided if they want to read a book, and I try to not give away to much of the story, but I do like putting in puns, little jokes which if you read the book you’ll understand. Things like that.




I also know that many, many books are sent out to reviewers whom are never heard from again. That really bothers me. To me writing reviews is a part-time job, and I set aside a little time everyday, so that when I’m finished reading the book, I have all the notes I need. As well, I request books in exchange for my review, so I review it. I think some people just see it as free books and nothing else. I see it as getting a chance to read new authors, new books and help other people decide if the book is the right fit for them. If you’re not going to review the book, don’t ask for one.




I recently read and then wrote a review for this book. I couldn’t believe all these positive, glowing reviews, I finally found 2 others that didn’t like it and the reviews didn’t sound at all like the story the 3 of us read. Turns out the reviews were all faked  and now the book has been removed from amazon. And I think that its great that amazon is doing that. I’m not mentioning names as I am not sure of what the outcome will be.




So here are a couple of tips if you’re worried about reading reviews.

Find a reviewer or reviewers you trust, stick with them

Check multiple sites like GoodReads, LibraryThing, Shelfari, Amazon

On indie books, read a few pages (you can do that on many of the above sites) to see if you like the writing style