I love to read on all sorts of different topics and genres. I read whatever looks appealing at the time. If I am asked to read and review a book, I try not to read anything about the book, except for what is written on the back cover or the inside flyleaf. I like to wait until I’m finished reading the book to see what others have to say. I want my review to be an honest reflection of what I feel, not what the majority of people are saying. I also never, never review a book that I haven’t finished reading. I have tried many times to finish this book over the years but just can’t. I would never write a review about it either as I have never finished it.


And Ladies of the Club



I don’t think that would be right because the book might have a different ending then I thought, a character could change or a plot twist. So as I said I just don’t think its appropriate to review a book that you haven’t finished.



When I do write a review, I try to back up what I am saying with what has happened in the book, without giving away too much of the story (which can be really difficult). But when I read someone’s review I don’t want to see “This book is terrific, 5 stars” with no reasons why it deserves 5 stars. And the same is true of a 1 star review. Saying “this writer can’t write” just doesn’t do it for me. I want to know why you think the writer can’t write.

I read a book recently called



Have a Nice Weekend

Have a Nice Weekend by Ian Ellis




and 1/4 of the way through, I stopped to read the reviews of other people. The reason I did this, was the book wasn’t reading the way the back cover was saying it would. I was surprised by all the glowing ratings, I will admit, and I checked to make sure that I was reading the same book that all these glowing reviews came from. I was! I went back to the book, hoping it would begin to draw my interest or that a character would become sympathetic or anything positive, but I didn’t find that. I finished reading the book and published my review, which I gave 1 star to. I really, really dislike having to do that, but I found nothing that made me like this book at all. But I didn’t write the review to be hurtful, just to say what I thought of the book. I also hated



The Tommyknockers

The Tommyknockers by Stephen King



I did finally finish it a few years after I originally started it. I thought the premise was good, some of his characters where okay, but the book just dragged on and on and didn’t go anywhere for hundreds of pages. But I’ve talked to others who absolutely love this book and say that Stephen King nailed the characters so well.



I’m not a writer, except for my reviews and my blog that is. But I would think that what you don’t want is for people NOT to talk about your book. If they’re talking, more people are going to pick it up to read it, just to see what all the talk is about. It would bother me more if no one talked about my book, or read my book, or gave me feedback. That is a great way to improve your skills, not just in writing, but in many areas.



I write reviews to try to help other people decide if a book might be the right fit for them, not to take shots at the author or to others that have a different opinion then me. When I finish a book, I love to read all the reviews, good and bad. Its helped me a few times to gain a new perspective on a novel which is great. If you ever come across a review (mine or someone else’s) that you disagree with and want to leave a comment, please be respectful.