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Bad Luck And Trouble (Jack Reacher #11) by Lee Child




Jack Reacher, ex military policeman, lives off the grid. He has no cell phone, no address, and no belongings outside of his folding toothbrush. He’s happy in his solitude until he receives a coded message from an old military comrade, Frances Neagley. She took a lot of trouble to track him down, using his bank account to send a cry for help.

When Jack reaches Los Angeles, he tracks Neagley to a Denny’s restaurant. She’s waiting for him as she knew he would track her there. She imparts some very disturbing news, one of their former investigators in their unit is dead. It was not a pretty death, and as an autopsy later confirmed, he had been tortured, starved and beaten prior to being thrown alive out of a helicopter. Neagley reminds Reacher of their pledge ‘You do not mess with the Special Investigators’

When Neagley and Reacher try to contact the remaining members of their former special investigators unit, the worry latches up a notch, with each unanswered phone call. None of their old unit is answering, where are they? Are they all missing? Or are they all dead?

When O’Donnell and then Dixon show up in Los Angeles, they unite with Neagley and Reacher. With the discovery of another body, and no contact with the remaining team, they realize that someone is after their team, and doing a pretty good job of it.

As the team delves deeper and deeper into the events leading up to their friends demises, they realize that what they have discovered points to a major threat to nation security, with the possibility of thousands of deaths.

The team races to save the country and two more of their own are now gone. Will they hand the problem over to the FBI and Homeland Security or will they decide the lives of two more of their own are worth more? With time quickly running out will they be able to save their friends or will they lose them and more?

This is a great stand alone book. I love the pace, the action starts at the beginning and continues to grow as the book moves quickly along. The tension gets tighter and tighter, the characters more nervous and unsure of themselves. The scenes are very well written, very descriptive and colorful. The characters, even the bad guys, are 3 dimensional and believable. What makes this book even more of a heart pounder is the believability of what is happening and what could potentially happen. An awesome read!