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Dutch Schultz, the beer baron of New York  by  Nate Hendley

Nate Hendley’s biography of the violent life and death of Dutch Schultz, a New York mobster who rose to be a top boss mobster during the Prohibition era.

Dutch Schultz, born Arthur Flegenheimer, was born in Manhattan in 1902.  At 14, his father abandoned the family, which made Arthur very bitter. He dropped out of school and took wholeheartedly to a life of crime.  At age 19, Arthur’s gang member friends gave him the nickname of Dutch Schultz, sometimes shortened to the Dutchman.  In his 2o’s Dutch’s business interests included speakeasies, bootlegging, protection rackets and number rackets. He was also suspected of murdering or ordering the murders of several people. By age 32 he was on the FBI’s most wanted list. A year later, Dutch Schultz was dead in what became known as the Chop House Massacre.

At 122 pages, this true crime story is a short, to the point history of Dutch Schultz. This book includes photographs, the transcript of Dutch’s “death prattle”, a bibliography and internet resources. This would be a great book for a teenager who has to do a book report, for a classroom to learn about the Prohibition era or for anyone who would like an introduction into the beginnings of organized crime in New York

Visit the author’s website at http://natehendley.com/


April 23, 2012

I just checked out some blogs and left some comments. I’m always curious as to what other people think of the same books that I have read. I do like to make up my own mind regarding books but it does help to see what other people think especially when I’m trying to decide what to read. I received 2 more books today to review. They are Catastrophically Consequential by Stephen C. Bird and Dutch Schultz, the brazen beer baron of New York by Nate Hendley. I will be posting my reviews here as soon as possible.  Happy reading!

Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb  by  M.J.A. Ware

A humorous tale of friendship complicated by growing up, zombie invasion and lemonade.

This YA story relates the story of Nate and Misty, best friends who have grown up together, and what happens to them after they decide to go camping one night, without permission from their respective parents.  Returning home, knowing they are going to be in big trouble, they find that almost everyone in their town has vanished. When they meet up with Mayor Frank, things go from bad to worse.

This book has a good mixture of gore (not too explicit), zombies, friendship and humor which will appeal to the YA reader.

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