Math City

Math City  by  Ahmad Amani




Open your mind to the equations, the concepts, the abundant possibilities of a world ruled solely by mathematical concepts.


Math City is in actuality a book; the streets in Math City are actually pages; the city was quite rich but the people of the rest of the world didn’t deem them important and were only interested in Math City’s money. Of course Math City in return had no interest in the rest of the world either, especially their laws.


One man, known at the Lying Line, is unpopular to say the least however everyone fears him  even more. Every number wants something from him, but when their number is up, they blame everything on the Lying Line. When war comes, no one will make a stand, they follow and do as they are told, too conditioned by years of being told what to do and what to think.


Changes need to be made to survive but can all the numbers in Math City come together and unite or will they forever be at war?


This is a very well done urban fantasy tale that draws from the real life situations that we see daily depicted on television, the internet and in the papers. Very interesting!