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The 5 Greatest Spankings of All Time

The 5 Greatest Spankings of All Time by Rob Wood

This is a small book with big impact. A look back in time to the 1950’s through the eyes of a now grown man. As a child Rob grew up living on a 365 acre ranch with his mom and dad, Betty and Bullethead, and his 2 younger brothers, Randy and Rich. At that time it was not uncommon for children to get a ‘lickin’ when they had misbehaved. Kids then didn’t have video games and didn’t watch hours of television. They actually went outside and played, usually games that were made up on the spot or based on some concept like cowboys and Indians.

Out on the ranch Rob, Randy and youngest brother Rich, were always up for a new experience. The trouble was that most of those experiences that they had lead to a group ‘lickin’ administered by their father. He believed in the group punishment idea, as did most parents in those days, and had the 3 rules, known as Bullethead’s Rules, written down and posted throughout the house.

This book tells the story of the 3 boys who had great ideas, very little fear (Randy wanted to be a daredevil when he grew up) and what happens when the great ideas the boys come up with and then implement take a slightly or sometimes greatly wrong turn.

Now for some people they’ll say that ‘Oh, that’s horrible, spanking the children!’ and say that they should have been removed from the home. But that was not the way it was then. And I know that for myself (I was born slightly later, in the 60’s) I never considered it child abuse, it was what happened when you got caught doing something that although was fun, was definitely wrong.

This book has brought back some great memories of my own childhood. My 2 older brothers (they were both born in the 50’s, several years before my sister and I) took it as their sacred duty to teach my sister and I some fine things like “How to blow up mom’s cabbage plants with a nail and a ladyfinger firecracker (or for a better slaw, 2 ladyfingers). Yes we got punished, each of us got a lickin, and we all had to go out and scrub the neighbor’s garage because the smell of rotting cabbage was pretty rank. But boy we sure had fun!

I loved how Rob Wood has taken his childhood memories and shared them with us. The story is told very clearly and with a lot of humor. He brings you right back there with he and his brothers, once with his cousin Larry, his parents and his grandparents. A humorous, well written quick read that is well worth the time to read.

I received my copy from the author and my review was unsolicited


Two Sisters: prattle tales of playful girls by Laura Wright LaRoche




10 little stories starring two little girls, 6 year old Addy and her younger sister, 4 year old Izzy. The girls have very different styles, Izzy always wears dresses and Addy’s favorite color is green. They do have one thing in common, they love to torment each other.



In each of the stories entitled Butterfly, Sticks, School Day, Mushroom Hunting, Her Party, Fishing, Garden, Zoo, Rainy Day,  and Vacation, Addy and Izzy are together (except School Day when Addy is at her first day of grade 1 and Rainy Day where Izzy is at home with her mom while Addy is at school) and each wants things her own way and will do whatever it takes to get her way even if it means tattling, hitting, crying or lying.



The stories are well written and at times, humorous and the descriptions of the girls is very well done.  However I don’t necessarily see the girls as playful. To me they’re spoiled brats that say and do whatever they like while their mother is absolutely oblivious. If my children were young, I’m not sure if I would want them to read this book, they had enough of their own bad ideas.



I won this book through GoodReads giveaway and my review was unsolicited.

J.P. Trouble J.P. Trouble  by  Ryan Hill


What better recommendation for a children’s book than laughter and happiness from a child.

Little Johnny Lippett just moved to a new town. He has no friends, no pets and even worse, he is too late to catch the school bus and has to walk in rain all the way to school. He slips and falls in the mud…could his first day in a new school get any worse?

Johnny’s teacher notices he isn’t paying attention in class, and sends him outside to take down the flag. He hears a little whine and finds a stray brown dog trying to stay dry. The dog sniffs at Johnny and likes what he smells, bubble gum and hot dogs. Two mean little girls take the dog away from Johnny when he brings it inside the school. The dog is afraid of the little girls and wiggles away from them. The brown dog runs outside and disappears in the rain. Johnny is very sad and worried about the puppy.

When Johnny’s mom arrives after school to pick him up much to his surprise the stray brown puppy is with her in the car! The brown dog had followed Johnny’s bubble gum and hot dog scent home and had barked until Johnny’s mother opened the door. Johnny’s mom asks if Johnny would like to keep the dog though she worries that it will be full of trouble.  Johnny is delighted and names the dog Just Plain Trouble.

When I received this book, I took it over to my granddaughter’s house to read it to her.  She laughed at Johnny when he fell in the mud, was angry at the two mean girls, and was really happy that Johnny and J.P. Trouble got to be together. She loved it!



The wonderful illustrations in the book are by Stacy Evans. The illustrations are boldly colored, and tell the story the words on each page tells.

I received this book from GoodReads giveaways and was asked for an honest review.

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