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What the Heck, Dec?!













What the Heck, Dec?! by Elizabeth Dudak



Martina Karnawski, red haired and freckled, is quite tall and she carries most of her weight around the boob and hip areas. She’s a week away from graduating with her teaching degree and needs a job badly. She applies for a position at Noteah North Middle School as a grade 6 teacher. The school is reputed to be the Beverly Hills of Illinois and the teacher turnover rate is ‘higher then a coaching position with the Chicago Cubs.’ But they pay very well and Marti needs to start paying off her bills.

Waiting at the school office for her interview she meets the two Dawns, two gossipy women employees at the school. They show little interest in Marti until a very gorgeous man comes. Declan Reed is late for his appointment, he was once a teacher but is now a social worker and is here for a job interview. After a few embarrassing moments with him and the two Dawns, Marti and Declan say  good luck to each other and head off for their individual meetings.

Marti is nervous, this is her first professional interview. She is shocked, but very happy to accept the job offer at the end of her interview.

On her first day at her new school, she sees Declan again. He’s been hired too. She also meets the very handsome gym teacher, Josh York who seems very interested in her. After a series of humorous events, Marti makes a decision about the men that will change her life. If its the right decision, as she keeps telling herself, why then is she constantly thinking of the other man? And why does she keep thinking that there is something more going on then what she knows about.

This is a great chick lit read. A very humorous, strong female lead character with loads of personality and 2 gorgeous men, both smart but with different attributes, both interested in Marti. Good romantic flavor throughout. The story is set at a posh school and is filled with quite the collection of people, including the two Dawns, Harper and Esther. A smooth story line that leads up to some  surprising revelations.



I received my copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.


Math City Review

Math City

Math City  by  Ahmad Amani




Open your mind to the equations, the concepts, the abundant possibilities of a world ruled solely by mathematical concepts.


Math City is in actuality a book; the streets in Math City are actually pages; the city was quite rich but the people of the rest of the world didn’t deem them important and were only interested in Math City’s money. Of course Math City in return had no interest in the rest of the world either, especially their laws.


One man, known at the Lying Line, is unpopular to say the least however everyone fears him  even more. Every number wants something from him, but when their number is up, they blame everything on the Lying Line. When war comes, no one will make a stand, they follow and do as they are told, too conditioned by years of being told what to do and what to think.


Changes need to be made to survive but can all the numbers in Math City come together and unite or will they forever be at war?


This is a very well done urban fantasy tale that draws from the real life situations that we see daily depicted on television, the internet and in the papers. Very interesting!

A rather dreary morning, I was up early to take my stepson to football camp.  He volunteers his time to coach younger children football.  He’s been involved with our local minor football league first as a player and now as a coach.   I really admire him for volunteering several hours a week to teach and coach younger kids.  Not many 19-year-old guys would do that, more should!


And not just 19-year-old boys either.  Anyone who has an interest could really help out in their own community by volunteering a little time.  If you are a reader/book lover, there are many programs which could use some help.



Literacy programs are always looking for volunteers to help people of all ages learn to read, as are programs to read to seniors or house bound people. 





If you’re a foodie, there are meal programs for children, seniors, and the homeless.  Local food banks need food donations year round, which requires no time, just the cost of a can of food.


Animal programs are also in desperate need of help.  Want a dog but don’t have the space, or can’t have one where you live?  Volunteer a few hours of your time at a local ASPSA and walk some of the dogs.  You’ll have a nice walk, with dogs who will love you to pieces.  You get the joy of spending time with an animal and know that you are making things better for them.



Don’t like dogs but love cats?  They might not like to go for walks, but they certainly like to have a little attention, some grooming and some love.  And if none of these interest you, all you have to do is look on the internet and you’ll be able to find something that is right for you.  Remember all it takes is a little time!



Want something farther from home?  There are several global volunteer services that are always looking for new people.  There again, there is something for everyone.  Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself “What does volunteering have to do with books?”  Well not much, unless, as I say, you use your love of reading and books to help out.

Now I’m off to our local Literacy Book Sale here in Nanaimo to volunteer some of my time to help people find some good reading material.  I’m sure I’ll also be “volunteering” some of my cash for some new reading material as well…LOL…Have a great day all, and please remember, when you volunteer your time, you’re helping everyone to have a better life!

A Short History of the World  by  Christopher Lascelles 

A Short History of the World is a very well written account of world history from the start of the planet (the Big Band theory) to the events of the 20th century and ending with what we can expect from the near future in terms of our natural resources and the world’s population.

The book flows easily and clearly through all phases of world history.  It gives short, concise details and moves on to the next chapter. This is a history book that anyone, whether you’re a history buff or someone just wanting  a general overview, will enjoy reading.

Included in the book are 33 maps which show the changing world and an easy to read and follow timeline which shows the changing continents, religions, key events and key people.

This would be a great starting book for students, teachers and anyone with little knowledge of the world’s history.

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