California Caress

California Caress by Rebecca Sinclair




Hope Benett is on a mission.  A mission to save her brother and ultimately her family home. The only person who can help her is notorious gunslinger Drake Frazier, but can she trust him?



Hope, a lovely red haired, brown eyed girl, loves her brother Luke. He can’t help that while his body is bigger than most grown men, his mind is that of an eight year old. The Swedes have declared their intent to take over the Benett gold claim and the only way to stop them is to take part in a no holds barred knock down fist fight. Luke is the only one big enough to take on even one of the Swedes, but he’s not smart enough to hold his own when the Swedes are known to use a knife and kill a man to get what they want. Hope’s dad sends her to find Drake Frazier, known gunfighter, drinker and fist fighter, possibly the only man in Thirsty Gulch that would agree to take on the Swedes.



Hope isn’t the only one with something to lose. Drake Frazier, handsome, blonde haired gunfighter, has his own agenda. Hope doesn’t know it but she’s going to help him in his plan to avenge a wrong doing done to him.



Can Hope and Drake help each other erase the scars of past hurts? Will they see that they are both worthy of love? Will they find love together before its too late?



Two of my favorite genre, romance and westerns, together in a tale spanning the gold mines of California, the city streets of Boston and the green grass of Virginia.




The story feels a bit forced and over thought at times, but has some beautifully written scenes.  An enjoyable read, with a strong willed, smart heroine which I like.