The World Clicks

The World Clicks by K.M. Breakey




Lane Craig, software developer for a corporation, works Monday to Friday and has done for 8 years. After 8 years on the job, he no longer receives satisfaction from it. He has an idea, one he believes will be the newest, best thing since Facebook. He’ll need some help from his friends to make this work.


Johnny Murphy, perennial wingman and Lane’s best friend since grade 8, can sell anyone anything at anytime. He’s in banking but has no real love for it. Lane needs Johnny’s ability to sell anyone anything if he hopes to get his project off the ground.


Thomas Carter, a perpetual fixture in the trio, he is by far the smartest. He is awkward and tends toward the effeminate. No one knows for sure what his true sexual orientation is but they will find out eventually and in a way that no one had dreamed of.


Lane’s idea is to get everyone to press ‘The Button’ on a web page. The button will be the only thing on the page. They will need to register the site and get others to register sites that link with theirs. The money will be in the advertising that will be on their site, the uniqueness of their site and the money received from other sites that they get a cut of the money for. In theory, they have a blockbuster moneymaker idea, but until it can be launched, which will take quite a bit of work to do it the right way, Lane needs to keep it quiet. He will need the help of his two friends and talks with them.


The 3 come together to make Lane’s idea, The World Clicks, into a reality. They all believe in Lane’s idea but someone has a big mouth and now there is another ‘partner’. Granted the new person is a PR wiz and the group could use that to their advantage, but Lane worries that his idea will get out.


With one of the guys already opening his mouth about the idea, Lane worries that someone will take his idea and run with it before he gets a chance to start. Can he really trust his friends? Lane knows that Johnny’s always had a big mouth, will he really be able to keep it closed?


With a cheap knockoff internet company stealing some of their thunder, blackmail by video recorder, a stranger named T. William, and the death of one of the players, this novel will keep you reading.



Touches of humor, a love of hockey (they’re all diehard Canuckleheads even though Luongo is there best player and he’s not doing that great), a well plotted storyline that takes you through the inception of Lane’s idea, straight through to the launch and then the immediate aftermath and great characters who are very real, this is a very enjoyable book.