After my blog last week about fake reviews, I did some more searching about false reviews and fake comments and found some very interesting things.




Fake reviews are written by “sock puppets”   Sock puppets are recently born with sticky, googly eyes and are furry all over (I used  this description from Mary cause I thought it was funny) A good way to spot a suspected  “sock puppet” review is to check out their other reviews. If this is their only review, or the only book review and they have 1 or 2 other things bought and reviewed on the same day as the book review, good chance that its a fake review. If they have other book reviews what do they say? Do they all say ‘this book is great’ and that’s it? Or something similar chances are they’re a fake. If there are 3 or 4 reviews added on the same day, and are all short and pretty much say the same thing, chances are they are fake.



Fake reviews help no one. I do understand that it is hard to get reviews from people, there are several book reviewers but we can only read so fast. Still its better to wait for an honest review, then be known to use fake reviews.  If you’re looking for your book to be reviewed, look around on the internet for reviewers.



Reviews both real and fake, have been known to generate fake comments as well. When a review is written and given only 1 or 2 stars, there are comments left that have been linked back to the author. The fake comments question if the book was actually read, says the review is a lie because the reviewer doesn’t like the author, all sorts of weird comments. A review friend received threats on a review which were traced back to the author who wanted the review changed. Bad stuff!



Fake reviews hurt all involved. from the author, the publisher, and the readers. Also real reviewers are looked on with suspicion. Look for a reviewer you trust, check different sites that you trust, and the best thing, I think, is often you can read a few chapters free on the author’s site, goodReads, Amazon and others.  Reading a few chapters before buying the book, will give you a better idea if you would like it or not.



If you have a story involving fake reviews or false comments, let me know. I would love to hear about them.