This is my good buddy Simon. He’s a blue mini dachshund, our family’s pet and my husband’s first dog. I introduced him last week to everyone as he is a big part of my life and I wanted to share both Simon and the books that helped my husband, and all the rest of us in the family too, take better care of Simon.



We live in a condominium and have no yard, so Simon and I walk a lot.  Nearby is what they term a ‘retirement living facility’ which means housing for seniors that require little or no aid. The last few years, they have brought in long term and short term residents who need care as well. Its a great place, filled with great people.



Early last fall, Simon and I were out for a walk and met with one of the residents of the retirement living facility. She has read more books abut more subjects then anyone I’ve met before, or since! We always stop and have a chat, she’s a lovely lady and Simon adores her. Anyway, we were talking about how difficult it can be to get to a store, or a library for many seniors, as well as costs etc. I told Stella that in my building we have a lending library set up in our lobby. She asked if she could come see what I was talking about so I brought her over to check out our lending library. She was so excited! She and her fellow residents set up their own lending library and everyone loves it. Simon and I were out walking this morning and met up with Stella. She told me if their library had a name, she want to name it after Simon, because if she hadn’t stopped to ask after him the first time we met, there’s a good chance we wouldn’t have gotten so friendly and wouldn’t have started to discuss books, etc.



Simon’s Lending Library….how cool would that be?