I thought long and hard before adding my review of Against All Enemies by Tom Clancy and Peter Telep. I so didn’t like this book and I find it hard to really thrash any book as I know how much time and effort an author has to put in. But this book was so bad, at least I thought so, that I found it difficult to say anything positive about the book at all. While I did add at the end of my review that I would read more from both Tom Clancy and Peter Telep, I don’t believe I would read another novel that they collaborated on.

Against All Enemies

Against All Enemies (Max Moore #1) by Tom Clancy, Peter Telep

I just don’t think the 2 writers clicked. For me, it was like reading 2 separate novels with the same character names, same basic storyline, but stuck together to make one very long novel. There were many problems with continuity and subplots that disappeared and various other problems. On the plus, you could tell a lot of research went into the book. (Someone had to look up all the acronyms.)


I do hope that if Tom Clancy and Peter Telep write another novel together they will meld their ideas together better.



I enjoy reading collaborations as I find the story usually has a better storyline, with more interesting ideas such as



Wicked Lies

Wicked Lies by Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush



Wicked Lies was a great collaboration between 2 authors who wrote well together. Though there are two different writing styles, they worked well together and both complemented the story and the characters.



Another collaboration I like is

2nd Chance (Women's Murder Club, #2)

2nd Chance (Women’s Murder Club #2) by James Patterson and Andrew Gross



I think they also had a successful collaboration with this novel.



If you have a favorite collaboration or one you think just didn’t work, leave a comment. I would like to get some ideas on more books to read (or stay away from) with collaborating authors.