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Against All Enemies (Max Moore #1) by Tom Clancy, Peter Telep



This novel started with such promise! Spies spying, good guys, bad guys, bullets flying and then the reader finds out that our main protagonist, Maxwell Moore, isn’t just your everyday upstanding, smart, handsome ex Navy Seal paramilitary operations officer for he has something, its a secret (I know what a surprise right?) but wait it gets better, its a deep, dark, never told anyone, secret that he has.



So for the next 400 pages (the softcover edition I have is 709 pages) this secret keeps popping into his head at the most inopportune times but instead of using that to build up the story it dragged it on and on and on, until I had to stop reading. This happened several times. Story is moving right along and boom, instant interruption, it just slowed the pace to molasses. And then finally on page 426 we’re told his secret which, when you considered all the people, bad guys and good guys, he had killed in his career, it really didn’t explain well enough for me anyway, why so much time and plot advancement was put into this when that was it, gone! Just suddenly didn’t matter anymore. At the very end, after 300 pages of silence about it, all he says is I’ll always feel guilty. This subplot made the protagonist not more human,loving or understandable but made him seem like a big and I mean really big whiner. It was just so out of place in this book.



But that certainly wasn’t the only issue with this monotonous book…we had all the acronyms you can think of, there was the TSA, GAO, DHS, CIA, FBI ATF, SVTCs, NCTC, BOLO, FAA, CNN, KFC (yup even Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken made it in)…and these we’re all on 2 pages. It would have taken much to long to list all the acronyms listed in this book.



I’m afraid I could sit here all day tearing this book apart for various other problems, sub plots that start and go no where, and inconsistencies (my personal favorite being: “The pilot knew he’d lose precious altitude if he started a turnaround with only 1 working engine”and then 1 paragraph later and no explanation given This is Captain Ethan Whitman. As most of you know we’ve lost an engine but plan to make our turn and head back to the airport” there is more but doesn’t explain why the captain suddenly changes his mind. Just one more thing about this book that made no logical sense, but I just want to put this horrible book behind me.



You know, I have only ever not finished 1 book before, ever, and that was “—and Ladies of the Club” and this book was almost as bad. I think when you have 2 writers contributing to one story, they have to really be in sync. I think there were 2 writers, with 2 different views for the same book and couldn’t pull it together into one harmonious novel.



Now for a little positive thinking:

Would I read another Tom Clancy novel? Definitely!
Would I recommend any of his other novels that I have read? Absolutely
I don’t believe I can recall reading anything else by Peter Telep but I certainly would give his writing another try.
Would I recommend this book to anyone? Hmmmm. Nope, there is no one I dislike enough to suggest they try and slog through that horrible, horrible book.