Two Graves

Two Graves by D.A. Graystone


Gregg Mann, Lieutenant at Southside Division in Kesle, Is uneasy when he views the first body.  While to some it looks like a gang related murder, there is just something that doesn’t sit well with Mann. Could this be the start of something else?

Preston Peterson, lonely, overweight and under-appreciated his entire life, has finally had enough. The first kill was an accident, technically not even a murder. Oh but the thrill, the rush, the feeling of power! Its not over until Preston Peterson says it is!

As Preston Peterson slips deeper into madness, the city becomes aware that there is a serial killer in their midst. What the people don’t know however could kill them, kill them all!

The first book in the Kesle City Homicide novels is a winner! An engrossing read from start to finish, its a true mystery thriller novel. An amazing cast of characters, some good, some bad, all believable. With a secondary plot line that ties into the murders and to good cops gone bad, it will keep you guessing as to who is the ultimate traitor.

I received this copy through GoodReads and my review was unsolicited.