Dangerous Waters

Dangerous Waters by Anne Allen



At 16, Jeanne was a happy young woman who loved her family, the sea and her Guernsey home. One horrible day she lost her parents and her love for the sea and within days her Guernsey home. After 15 years away, Jeanne Le Page is finally coming home to Guernsey.

Meeting up with old friends, feeling the fresh ocean breezes on her skin, having a safe haven have all caused her to think about being home and perhaps returning to Guernsey for good.

Still, its not the homecoming she had wanted. Her gran’s death, the breakup with her long-time boyfriend Andy and the fallout she suffered from the ending of her relationship have left her reeling. Its almost as bad as the horrible sea accident that caused her to leave.

She’s remembered little of the accident or the 10 days spent in the hospital afterwards. Being back in her gran’s beloved cottage, she is beginning to have flashbacks to that horrible day. Could there be more to the accident than she remembers?



Will going back to her old life in England work for her now or should she stay in Guernsey and start over?


A mystery romance novel with interesting characters, a good little mystery and an interesting subplot about genealogy and food.


I received a copy of this novel from the author and was asked for my honest review.