I had read

The Lovely Bones The Lovely Bones  by  Alice Sebold . The novel was great, the mix of supernatural with reality, with a bit of mystery thrown in made for a great read. I liked how the story of Susie’s life intertwined with her afterlife and her family’s lives after her death. The movie came out a few months after I had read the book but I decided to wait to see the movie. I’m glad I did. Saoirse Ronan is perfect as Susie and I liked Mark Wahlberg as the dad. The movie was also good but I know if I would have seen it so close to when I read the book, I wouldn’t have liked it. And the same could be said for


One for the Money (Stephani... One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, #1)  by  Janet Evanovich

The book is a great mix of humor, action and story line. It was an okay movie but I’m not a fan of Katherine Heigl, and I just don’t see her as Stephanie Plum. Oh and Debbie Reynolds as the grandma? Just so not who I had pictured in my head.

I find that happens a lot with me though. When I read a book, my mind sees what I have read and creates a perfect picture. I always seem to be disappointed by the movie because things just aren’t quite right for me.

Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Gone With the Wind is one of the very few movies that I liked better than the book. For me the book just went on far too long, not that the movie was much shorter, but I did like the film better. Vivien Leigh was perfect as Scarlett and Clark Gable was so believable as Rhett Butler.

I definitely like books better than movies, in my mind I always see the people and scenes exactly as they are written, its never quite the same in movies.  Also most movies cut out what I think are essential parts of the book, parts needed to tell the story as it was written.

So are there any movies you like better than the book?