Dark Passage (Chosen, #1) Dark Passage (Chosen, #1)  by  M.L. Woolley



Jen’s life is spiraling downward. Working full-time and going to school to become a nurse, Jen also has to deal with an extremely possessive husband. The only thing that keeps her going is the handsome man filled with light who comes to her in her dreams. Her best friend Ivy, who is fighting her own demons, encourages Jen to leave her husband and rent a beautiful Victorian house owned by an author.

Neither girl is prepared for what they find in this house.



Bill, the author, feels himself floating. People are calling his name, holding out their hands to him, it’s very peaceful, but he doesn’t want to go with them. Lisa, a social worker and a doctor seem to be talking about him, he can’t make sense out of it.  He sees himself in a hospital bed, unmoving, a nurse puts medication in a line going to his arm. Everything disappears. He awakes in his own bed and hears voices. Its Lisa and David, the doctor from his room. He realizes things about his existence has changed. And who was the beautiful woman from his dream?



Bill needs to reach out to change his future.


Faced with choices that are very difficult to make, Jen and her friends embark on a journey that will change their lives.


An engrossing mixture of paranormal, mystery and romance this book has a nice flow to it.  Some of the characters are good, some are bad but just when you think you know what someone is going to do or how they are going to act, they’ll surprise you. The characters are very well done, the exchanges between good and evil are at times difficult, at times smooth, and also at times horrific but always written in a believable way.