Catastrophically Consequential
Catastrophically Consequential  by  Stephen C. Bird

I decided to enter a giveaway for this book on GoodReads because I was intrigued by the blurb.  I won the book, it arrived at my home, and I put it on my list to read.  A week passed before I picked it up to read it. Quite frankly I had forgotten what the book was about. It was an eye opening experience!


Catastrophically Consequential is an extremely twisted, unconventional book of short chapters or stories, I’m not sure which. After the first 3 chapters (or is it stories?), I thought it was about a person with multiple personality disorder, then I thought “Are these related? Are they just meandering mind wanderings of a lunatic?”

It finally made sense when I got to the end of this short book, the author is an author /performer /artist…its the meandering mind wanderings of a lunatic!

A very distinct work, not for people who are looking for the usual written stories that have a plot, characters, beginning and end. Very bizarre, very twisted, very interesting!

I won this book on GoodReads