She Speaks to Angels (AngelFire Chronicles, #1)


Allison Maney is in English class thinking about the guy she had a crush on, Dameon. She had finally gotten up the nerve to say hi.  Making an entrance to the class that everyone noticed, including the teacher, she is called upon to read aloud. As she finishes, the class is absolutely silent. She looks up to see something drop outside past the window. Its Tommy Bachelor, and he’s surely dead. Looking out at the lump on the ground, with the widening red pool, Allison is shocked as is the rest of the class. School is let out for the rest of the week and Allison and her friends, Molly and Jennifer, decide they need to look into Tommy’s death. Tommy’s not the first to die at their school, in fact he is the 5th teen to commit suicide in 7 years at the school, the 6th death if you count the girl who was found in the park. Something is just not right.

The 3 girls get a hold of some papers and a kindle reader belonging to Tommy. His kindle has books and pictures of Angels and his papers are also full of drawings of angels. What could this mean? And why did Allison see an angel in her window? And whats with the strange fog that seems to be following the girls.

The girls go for coffee at their favorite spot to talk about Tommy and to figure out what they should do. Kian, Krysta and the silent Nathaniel are sitting at the table the girls usually occupy. They’re new transfers to the school, not yet starting when Tommy dies. Why then do they seem to know so much about him?

Allison comes to the realization that angels exist and are living in her city. She’s shocked when she finds out that not just angels but demons as well reside in New York. She also learns that due to her probing into Tommy’s death she has caused a shift, a lessening of power to both demons and angels, and now the demons want her dead.

But who is angel and who is demon and will the demons succeed in murdering Allison?

An interesting story, with a good grasp of teenage feelings, fears and desires. At times the story lacked continuity in flow but still a good read, one that the YA group would very much enjoy. This is book 1 of the series and I look forward to reading more of the story.

I recieved this copy through LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.