Stiletto Safari  by  Kate Metz


Zara Hamilton has a life many only dream of.  An Aussie girl, she lives in New York and works as a lawyer for Harvey and Rose, one of New York’s premier law firms. Her boyfriend, Nick Hansen, is a handsome, wealthy, good-looking man whom she adores.  She shops on 5th Avenue, wearing gorgeous cashmere Ralph Lauren dresses, carries Jimmy Choo totes, and wears Prada sunglasses. With her best friends Emi and Sal, at her side to take yoga classes, hash out a bad day and have brunch every weekend, Zara’s life is almost picture perfect. Then one day it all comes crashing down!

In one fell swoop, Zara goes from happily thinking of her future with Nick, in a job she’s good at, in a city she loves, with expensive clothes she covets, and best friends who love her to an unemployed (temporarily they tell her) lawyer, with a boyfriend arrested for insider trading who isn’t answering her calls, and crying for 2 weeks over The Bold and the Beautiful reruns. Could life get any worse?

Emi decides that Zara needs to get away, perhaps do some volunteer work involving animals or people, preferably far away, Africa would be good. Severely depressed, with her job in limbo for 6 months, and her boyfriend dumping her for her “own good”, Zara decides that doing volunteer work in Africa would be just the right thing for her. She can get a beautiful tan, take care of cute and cuddly baby lions, and heal from her wounds. If only she could fit all the clothes and accessories she will need in the one mid size suitcase she’s allowed.

With her ego still severely bruised by the treatment of the firm she works for, and Nick’s rejection, not to mention the brutally insulting way Nick’s father treated her, she is woefully unprepared to deal with life as a volunteer in Namibia.

In the end it came down to a choice between my snake-skin stilettos, a travel guide to Namibia, or a $100 penalty for excess luggage.  Needless to say, the travel guide didn’t make the flight.  Namibia would have to remain a mystery for a bit longer.  You just never know when a pair of snake-skin stilettos will come in handy!

Meeting handsome Hamish, she can’t believe how incredibly rude he is to her. She overhears him calling her a bimbo, which on top of everything else that has happened to her just seems to be the icing on the cake. When he approaches her to apologize, she blows him off, never dreaming that he will show up later in a most embarrassing way. Getting to the volunteer camp she finds out that she’s the new teacher and even worse, she’s the new dorm monitor for 60 little girls!

With her beautiful snake-skin stilettos, her Prada sunglasses, her over the top expensive silk dresses and horror of germs and dirt, she’ll just have to dig down deep to make this volunteer experience work.

Kate Metz’s debut novel Stiletto Safari, is filled with humor, fashion, friendships and self-realization. At times the wording was a little stiff, which had a small impact on the flow of the story. But overall a great chick lit book for anyone who likes a humorous, well told story reminiscent of a Beth Harbison novel.