Ahh..Friday. I’ve always loved Fridays. the end of the workweek, the start of the weekend, usually a chance to relax, get caught up with friends and family. For me its the day I get my next week’s to-do list. Now my list doesn’t have the usual things like paint the living room, was the car, make cupcakes for my daughter, because thankfully, for once, she actually gave me the school request 2 days before they’re due instead of the day of and other honey do lists items.  No, my list includes what new books will become available the next week, what books I want to read, what books I want to read and review and my list usually takes up a whole sheet of paper, and is covered with writing and arrows and smiley faces.  Then I proceed to ignore the list and read what strikes my fancy! I make those lists every week and every week I ignore them.

This leads me into book clubs. Yes, it really does. The way I make my lists and then ignore them, is exactly what happens when I  join a book group and then I’m told what I have to read.  That just doesn’t sit well with me. I like to read what I want to read when I want to read it and not be told what I have to read.  Don’t get me wrong, book clubs are great, they’re just not for me.

Yesterday I received a hard copy of the novel The Trouble with Half a Moon  by Danette Vigilante, her debut novel.  It’s a middle grade, teen book, but it was very powerful. What a tremendous book! I picked it up to look through the first chapter around 10 last night. I didn’t put it down til it was finished at 230 this morning. I will be posting my review soon.

Time to make my weekend list.