Always a wonderful day when you actually wake up!

I was asked yesterday if I prefer a paper copy or ebook copy of the fantasy novel  The King’s Assassin  by  Melissa Brownlow  For me I didn’t have to think about it, I always prefer paper copies.  There is just something so special about holding that book in my in my hand. I love the feel of books, whether they be hardback or paperback editions, and there is nothing like being able to turn the pages, so crisp and the little sound they make and then one of my all time favorites is the scent of a newly printed book. Now I know many people who love that fresh car smell, which I think is okay, but for me doesn’t compare. I also love the way the colorful covers look in my bookshelves, the bright colors, different heights, different lettering….yes its true, I am truly in love with my books!

Now don’t get me wrong I do love my e reader too, but it just isn’t the same for me. It is fabulous for traveling, taking to the beach or park, actually it does have so many great uses but still when I read a book through an e reader, I must admit I miss the smell of the paper, and hearing the swish and sometimes crinkly sound that paper makes when it is touched.

Check out the first chapter in The King’s Assassin and her other novels at Melissa Brownlow’s website

Please leave a comment and tell me which you prefer, paper or ebook and your reasons why. I am always curious if others feel the same way about books as I do!