Another wet day outside here beautiful BC. My flowers love the rain as do I, it means I have no garden work to do so I can have extra read time.

Yesterday I had mentioned a deja vu moment for me. I had won a copy of Dutch Schultz, the beer baron of New York  by  Nate Hendley a few weeks ago on GoodReads.  It usually takes around 3 to 4 weeks for a book to arrive here.  I had agreed to read and review Dead like Dutch by Rich Docherty, received the ebook and started to read, a humorous read with great characters.  My mail arrived and with it was a copy of Dutch Schultz.  As I read Dead like Dutch, there comes a part in the book where Dutch Schultz (the same Dutch Schultz as in the other book)  is suggested as the original owner of the chest that is found.  Dutch Schultz is actually a real person. He was a Prohibition era gangster in New York who was shot down at a fairly young age.  It was just a really strange thing to end up receiving 2 very different books, one is a fiction novel, the other is a non fiction biography on the same day, with both having Dutch Schultz in them.

I had a very interesting email exchange with Tim Adams, co-author of the YA novel The Color of Malent.  I will be reviewing this novel, the first in a new series. Tim Adams and his co-author Sam Inzerillo have agreed to a blog interview and a book giveaway here on my blog.  I will update about when the blog interview will happen and also the book giveaway.  Check out their site  to learn more about The Color of Malent.