The Chrysalis Chronicles – The Eyes of the Desert Sand Book 1  by Edwin Wolfe  (YA)
From the opening pages where we are first introduced to 13 year old Ethan Fox and his beloved parents, George and Betsy, through the winding pathways that guide us through the start of Ethan’s story, to the closing lines where we must say a fond farewell to all the characters we’ve met thus far, I have had a wonderful time!

This is the start of Ethan’s strange but exciting story. The only child of George and Betsy Fox, he has a very close relationship with them. His only problem, and it’s something he seldom thinks about, is that he has no memory of anything before his 8th birthday. His parents have told him an accident caused his memory loss. With no reason to think anything is not as it should be, Ethan doesn’t let his lack of memory interfere with anything. He and his parents are very close, spend a lot of time together and really enjoy being together. Ethan has a great life and great parents and no worries about the future, or his missing past.

Ethan’s problems begin when he suddenly starts having difficulty sleeping. For several days, this persists. One morning, after finally falling asleep, Ethan awakens to discover a poem that he has written. He knows he has written it as it has his secret mark, but he has no memory of writing it.  When he shows his father, George is dismissive of it. Ethan accepts what his father says, but later Ethan hears his parents argue about it, which worries him as his parents NEVER argue. He then sees his father with a very old book, which he is putting away in a secret spot that Ethan knows nothing of.  At a family event Ethan has a very strange run-in with 3 men, he actually thinks they’re vampires and that they were trying to kidnap him. While his parents dismiss his story, he thinks that they actually believe him.

A week later, on a family day at the beach, Ethan meets Haley, a young girl who also has no memories, and while his parents are busy, Ethan and Haley wander off down the beach. Ethan spots a 3 foot tall blue rabbit that Haley can’t see, and they follow it. The bunny disappears and Ethan and Haley discover sand stairs that disappear down into the ground. Ethan starts down, and that’s when the fun really begins!

EXCERPT chapter 2 – The hooded stranger looked towards the floor as he made his way across the room.  Raising his head as he neared, the stranger slowly lowered his hood revealing his face. And it nearly sent Ethan into shock! He knew this face!It was that face! It was him, the man who had tried to kidnap him that night – nearly a week ago!

Throughout this extremely entertaining story, Ethan  meets some remarkably diverse characters. From the blue taletaddler who says xo-xo, to the shape shifting sea hydromorphs, from the Grumplings to the grim-tailed dread, the characters are different, interesting and colorful.
This was such an interesting read, I had difficulty putting it down, even for just a short time. It had a great storyline, the story flowed very smoothly and I loved the characters. I look forward eagerly for the next book in the series.


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